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You Need To Talk.

You are uniquely beautiful.


“If you think something is missing in your life,
it is probably
– Robert Holden,
best-selling author, coach



Maybe things are good.  Maybe things aren’t so good.

There are times in my life when I need someone to talk to and my usual resources just aren’t right:

  • friends & family are busy (or on a completely different page!)
  • therapy’s more than I want
  • counselors are out of my budget
  • coaching feels too structured, like…too much commitment
  • or… I feel WAAYYY too vulnerable to talk to anyone I know yet!!

I feel very strongly–in fact, I KNOW
that there is a NICHE missing in the
personal development world…

A resource that is:

~ life experienced (perhaps therapy experienced!)
~ more affordable than therapy or coaching
~ less time-consuming than books and websurfing
~ flexible for ongoing or spontaneous needs; no set agenda or clinical formula
~ feels more like a friend than a consultant

Peer Mentoring is that niche.

And I choose to serve as a mentor available to you.

Let me bring my hard-earned and constructive wisdom to you in a safe, non-judgmental, no-commitments environment.
I know I offer EXTREME value, and as a gesture of my sincerity, I extend a free opportunity for you to explore both mentoring and me! Britten stat3

I have spent years with therapists, counselors, coaches, reading books, surfing websites, taking courses, listening to the best of the best thought-leaders in the world: dissecting and exploring my life and life in general. All of this brought value in its own way of course; what I know for sure though:


What I deliver to you as a mentor would have met 90% of my needs when I needed my most support:
– objectivity
– educated, life-experienced and diverse perspective
– convenient availability
– and most importantly… RESULTS!

No resource gives value without results, and my clients want to learn from real-life examples… like ME, who has found success and happiness in my own life!  My clients express extreme satisfaction and gratefulness at meeting all or most of their needs through the comfortable and productive power of mentoring; I am clear in identifying scenarios that would benefit from more pointed support such as therapy, coaching or specialized training, and have resources at the ready.

Mentors play absolutely no role in your life but what
YOU want from them right there and then. IT’S SAFE!

There is no greater stumbling block to a happy, healthy life than feeling unsupported, and TALK is a key component.  What’s missing isn’t always a good friend, but a good choice. Don’t go it alone; make that choice today.

OtherWise Resources Peer Mentoring is your safe, AVAILABLE alternative when you want or need to talk.

So… what exactly is peer mentoring… what
Based in Vancouver, BC Canada.
I mentor both men and women, tweens to seniors, in person, by phone or Skype.
Please refer to page “What Do We Do…How Much” for all parameters.

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