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you are the awareness.”

“Being must be felt.
It can’t be thought.”

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is.”
–  all quotes, Eckhart Tolle

This is my thought on drugs!

So. Hmm. A lot of our life is just plain ol’ fabricated according to my previous post: societal rules, behaviour patterns, beliefs. The most fun – by far, to try and wrap your head around though is… THOUGHT. Yup – thoughts are all made up too.

Jeez: how are we suppose to achieve or live in this desired and ultimate CONSCIOUSNESS… MINDFULNESS… and uncomplicated REALITY with so much made-up stuff??

Well… some of it is there theoretically to support our ability to live mindfully, such as societal laws of freedom and protection; but rigid interpretations and lack of flexibility and timeliness to tweak or replace outdated systems have gotten us a little stuck in our ways – not to mention attaching useless and immobilizing judgments and stigmas to any so-called “outliers”.  A lot of what inhibits us from living more peaceful, simple and joyful lives requires a stripped-bare, back-to-basics, complete overhaul: our knowledge and scientific evidence pertaining to mind/body/brain and our more open-minded philosophies of live-and-let-live have jettisoned us far past what much of our current societal systems support.

I’ll fix society later… in the meantime, lets think about thought. It’s a brain thing, right: our minds produce our thoughts and our brains control our minds? Not that simple – and also, not really known yet! You won’t BELIEVE the volume of evidence-based neuroscience research that has come out in the past ten or so years – predominantly due to MRI and other technological tools that had no previous ethical predecessors (to test babies brains for example). We’re now able to see – and measure,  how thoughts influence our bodies and thus our actions and outcomes. We can watch chemicals being produced and parts of the brain being triggered via all of those cool colour and light shows on computers that are hooked up to our heads (and other parts, depending on the study).  With all of these advancements however, there is still no real, definitive conclusion to tell us what thought is.

Change your thoughts.What we do know, is that thought can be changed, manipulated – stopped even, and that means that we have a scary amount of control over things that we previously “thought”… happen autonomically!! Thoughts can be tucked away in our subconscious – ready for action spontaneously; and our brains and bodies can’t tell if a thought is based on real-time activity, subconscious memory… or pure imagination.  Current thinking by some world-famous thought-leaders says that thoughts are not even thought of as being a natural part of being: being is the natural part of being.

Yaaa… this is gonna be a fun subject: confusing – but enlightening! I’ll throw a few different angles at you over the next few weeks as food for thought – or being?? Eckhart Tolle of course is the current king of messing with our thoughts; and while his philosophy is amazing reading – and a very accurate concept in my world – it can be a hard go if you’re new to this subject matter (it does click-in naturally when you’re in the right headspace to hear it – like a lot of philosophical or self-development concepts!). Lets start with some other simple thought-provoking info though, to ease us in: today we’ll look at an article on where thoughts physiologically originate, and a theory of the stages of thought from thinktank Galamind. Don’t worry, it’s pretty much in LAYMAN’S terms!! If you’re ready for Eckhart, head to “Quotes to Query” for a video, and of course, his infamous books are in the “Books To Provoke” list.

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