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What you think, mattersWe can’t have a thought-full conversation without including one of the foremost “toughtleaders”, Wayne Dyer. Wayne was one of the first triumphant souls able to break through to the masses and engage us in conversations about consciousness and the power of thought.  Why him? That would definitely be a philosophical conversation, but in a nutshell:  his amiable personality and timing. In his early work, Wayne presented the every-man perspective: not too philosophical, preachy or woo-woo – simply relatable. He blended self-development and spirituality together with the new evidence-based science both palatably and digestibly for a mainstream fast-food mindset. The concepts resonated at the heart-level and made logical sense, thus earning “credibility” and a loyal following.

I love that Wayne openly challenges his own understanding of thought as it shape-shifts Wayne Dyerthrough his education and experiences, which have included varying spiritual practices, parenthood, illness, and the lightning-speed of neuroscience and functional medicine research.  Did you know that he relinquished all of his assets (Wayne Dyer’s assets!!) and belongings, including his shoes, to authentically experiment with a new (to him) modality of life?!  Fundamentally, he has always reinforced that our thoughts – whether conscious or latent, spontaneously impact our perspectives, actions and choices: how much and where we focus our thoughts, manifests proportionately.  Additionally, he has consistently supported the impact of our thoughts on the physiological, bio-chemical reactions in our human body (a true “functional” medicine pioneer).

We all have the power: “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”, so says one of Wayne’s books and PBS documentary (see here on page 2!) based on his shoeless exploration of the Tao Te Change Your LifeChing (“dow da jing”), an ancient eastern wisdom; and case-in-point of Wayne’s broadmindedness to funnel some non-mainstream but timeless insights in a way that relates to our closed-minded perceptions of what will work in the modern world.

Wayne has manifested many books and other “products” of spiritual value by sharing his own evolvement; and being one of the first to impact the “commercial” self-help industry, he’s at risk of a bad rap by the fearful and the stuck! His work is nothing short of brilliant and enlightening; he impacts both spiritual novices and scholars. The evolution of his work has simplicity and common sense at it’s depth, though his own personal path is highly philosophical (still simple!).  Like anything else, you hear a message when you are ready to hear it, and Wayne’s work definitely has a message for you somewhere, sometime (quite likely, a life-changing one)! This man challenges me in his lateral thinking and inspires me through his authenticity; and I look forward to any interview with him, and any endorsements from him.

Give Wayne’s work some consideration in your self-exploration; this article is excerpted from his 2001 “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace”, which time-wise, falls after his public skyrocket, and before the Tao journey and of course, his more recent introspective battle with leukemia. It’s a great primer re: his general ideology of thought!

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Authentic Wisdom

– by Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create that fact.”
– William James

“Nothing is, unless our thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

Every single thought you have can be assessed in terms of whether it strengthens or weakens you, in fact, there’s a simple muscle test you can do to try out any thought that you’re having in the present moment. It works like this:

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