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Still in  Shojai’s promo:
“The movie discusses how for millennia people understood nature and lived symbiotically with it, but that in two to three generations humans have taken a detour away from this information to a very unnatural and potentially dangerous state.
Four years, 19 countries, and 24 experts in anthropology, medicine, ecology, and health have exposed the roots of our DNA and how to prevent the modern world from making you sick.”

The movie is in a similar vein to Inconvenient Truth, Fed UpFood Inc. however does take a distinctly different angle comparing our natural and unnatural “evolution”, making complete sense of where/how/why we have taken a very wrong turn, without over-politicizing. The way it’s edited there is very little in this film that one could challenge (well, you might not like some of the diet ideas!), and therefore we come out united in perspective rather than in time-wasting debate.
Go green 16 waysThat doesn’t make the content boring, rather, sends a clear message that the producer and experts are sincerely there to serve the public, change our health around, and help the viewer truly understand how critical it is to take action now – without blaming the fat guys, the profit-mongers or the old-school thinkers. We’ve all created this problem based on the best we knew at the time: now we know better, lets just do better.

I am well familiar with most of the experts lending their voices to this film and it is a GREAT lineup of some of the most informed, involved and cutting edge opinions and research relevant to the discussion. IMO, the movie starts a little slowish… but hang in there it’s relevant – and the pace is excellent for kids, hmmm, maybe 8 and up? At first, I was somewhat frustrated as the movie progressed: we weren’t hearing nearly enough from these expert’s short soundbites; there is more focus on the strategically entwining narration and spectacular cinematography. On second thought though, that may be exactly why the film doesn’t feel political or overly controversial, yet is still wholly impactful. And that is why I am thrilled with the follow-up interview series: we get to hear the full voices of each of these experts.

Shojai with GottfriedI hear a lot of this stuff, and I have to say this series stands out, predominantly because Pedram Shojai himself is conducting the interviews and both his style and own expertise keep these sessions on point, relative and complementary to the other speakers, and completely relatable for us laymen.  You’ll recognize a few of the experts I’m sure, perhaps Dr. Dan Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman, JJ Virgin, Donna Gates, Sara Gottfried; however it’s a lot of the names that you may not know who are hustling in the labs, lobbying for attention, crossing the country to find the latest research, opinions and case studies that are equally fascinating in their interviews, for example Jordan Reasoner talking about “leaky gut syndrome”, Emily Rosen from Eating Psychology Institute, or Ocean Robbins’ excellent overview to “take back our kitchens”. The 40 sessions are divided into categories to guide you to your particular area of interest; I highly encourage you to give one or two or forty a listen.Love your planet.

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