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Soul Searching

What is the soul?


Oprah asked a few of her pathfinder friends in an episode of Super Soul Sunday: 



Some of their replies:

Gary Zukav: The soul is that part of you that existed before you were born and that will exist after you die. It’s the highest, most noble part of yourself that you can reach for.

Deepak Chopra: The soul is the core of your being. It is eternal. It doesn’t exist in space/time. It’s a field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity. It’s your internal reference point with which you should always be in touch.

Sarah Ban Breathnach: The soul is the spiritual essence of who we really are.

Daniel Pink: The soul is, I think, our capacity to see that our lives are about something more than simply the day to day, and that we’re here for a purpose. It could be connected to religion or not, but that there is a purpose of your being here.

Debbie Ford: To me, the soul is a part of us that never dies. It’s who we are at our core. And it carries all the messages and the lessons that we’ve learned in the past, and will carry all the lessons and the messages that we will carry into the future.

Eckhart Tolle: The soul is your innermost being. The presence that you are beyond form. The consciousness that you are beyond form, that is the soul. That is who you are in essence.

Michael Singer:Dismiss what insults your soul The indwelling consciousness that watches the mind come and go. That watches the heart come and go, the emotions of the heart. And watches the world pass before you. You, the conscious, the consciousness, the center of being, is soul.

Wayne Dyer: The soul is the birthless, deathless, changeless part of us. The part of us that looks out from behind our eyes and has no form. The soul is infinite so there is no in or out of it. It is everywhere. There’s no place that it is not.

Marianne Williamson: For me, it’s the truth of who we are. The light, the love which is within us goes by different names, but the truth of us. Michelangelo said that when produced a statue that he would go to the quarry and get a big piece of marble, and the way he imagined it, God had already created the statue and his job was just to get rid of the excess marble. So that’s what we’re like. Inside is the being that God has already created. Some call it the Christ, the Buddha mind, the Shekinah, the light, the soul. And our job is to get rid of this excess, useless fear, thought forms of the world that actually hide the light of the soul.

Jean Houston: I believe that the soul is the essence of who and what we are. I personally believe that it transcends our leaving this mortal coil. And I think it it comes with codes, and possibilities, and the next layers of who and what we may yet be. It is often a pain in the neck because it says, “Wake up. It’s time to wake up. Don’t go to sleep.” I think it is also the lure of our becoming. That’s what I think the soul is.

There’s a lot of good stuff in there, heh?! But I can feel that my definition isn’t completely in-line with any of those as stand-alone statements. Now I know from studying these folks for years, that their references to “God” is void of religion or a “big man” (some of them do identify as Christians), and more about a universal connectedness – because we are all the same species living at the same time; and they leave plenty of space for your own “God” – or not. In these viewpoints, there does seem to be a lot of reference to “eternal” and “infinite”: I can see that could provoke a few woo-woo skeptics!

But there is also a lot of reference to being our “best self”:
feeling healthy is a necessity♦ “essence of who you are”
♦ “get rid of the useless fear that hides your light”
♦ “it comes with possibilities who/what we may yet be”
♦ “the part that looks out from behind our eyes”
♦ “consciousness, your center of being, that watches the mind come and go”
♦ “our lives are about something more than simply the day to day”. 
…and I wholeheartedly support this element of soul: inspiring you to be your best self is my bread and butter!! When I’m working with clients, of the above ideas, I most closely resonate with Gary Zukav, that soul relates to: the highest, most noble part of yourself that you can reach for. And from the others, I believe they have wisdom well worth hearing, particularly: we have power over ourselves – “The lure of our becoming.”

I’ve unveiled through my clients, that the word soul is universally effective in getting folks to probe a little deeper into their authenticity: a more knowing version of their self that feels slightly separate from their “normal” self. When I ask someone “what do THEY think”, and then, “what does their SOUL think”, it’s quite shocking how people know immediately where and how to find this deeper place, without a thought that they are but a single person! It works pretty much every time though: to reach someone’s truest beliefs and desires! It’s often explained as the difference between self and ego: a concept very difficult to grasp at first – but clear as a bell as you explore it more. For my purposes, I’m just supposing that this concept of duality provides a safe place to section off vulnerabilities judged to be too sensitive, impractical or self-centered for daily life; while at the same time, providing a socially “acceptable”, practical reason for not living 24/7 unapologetically YOU! In a nutshell, our societal conditioning places authenticity as a self-indulgent dream-world, and that to “survive” and “succeed”, we must quash a lot of who we truly are for the sake of responsibility or “reality”.  I’m sorry: but isn’t that freakin’ CRAY-CRAY??? Why the he*# are we here?  Hey, I have an idea:
let’s raise everyone to be completely unnatural…
so that the energy they would have used to be fulfilled and happy…
that sh*t crayand which would have an amazingly inspiring ripple effect through humanity…

is almost entirely dedicated to coping with the stressful, unfulfilling chore of PRETENDING… and then,
let’s use the inferior productivity we do get from the minuscule percentage of contentment folks have managed to muster…

to create a harmonious, functioning society that, of course, we all know we need and want in order to be — HAPPY.

Insanity, I say! My goal is to quash the duality, though I fully understand reality. MY reality at least: which sees that authenticity (inherently void of comparison – because hey, we’d ALL be joyful) can’t help but breed readily-shared abundance of those supplementary things that will make us more comfortable. There’s gonna be a few hitches in there, I’m not delusional, but it sure sounds like a more peaceful reality to me. Actually, I can personally vouch for it: the happiest and richest people I know are the folks with genuine, self-driven fulfillment in their lives and NO pretending. Just being around them stimulates major productivity, joy, peace- and the best in me; and if we all pay that forward… well, just imagine! When I ask what your soul thinks, I hope I’m ultimately bringing you a step closer to freedom.

color run4As for my personal use of the word soul: the one that truly connects with my life, my authenticity? Is it different than or close to the one I use with clients? I’m gonna go with about an 80% crossover here… and leave a little room in my personal definition for what simply adds colour to my life: the little bit that might be different than what you use to bring colour to your life- but which ultimately, in combination or separate, creates  fascinating and amazing works of art.


When your soul came to this earth, it showed up with a purpose – a mission to accomplish, lessons to learn, experiences to have.

Inner Pilot LightBut more than anything else, your soul wants to fully self-actualize, to become the YOUest of YOU’s, to fully express yourself, to be 100% human.

Wonder how I know?
Because I am the mouthpiece of your soul – and you can hear my voice any time you tap in.

Always here,
Your Inner Pilot Light
(Lissa Rankin, Daily Flame)

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