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Origins Deep Dive



As mentioned in my post re: the Origins movie produced by Well.Org, the Origins Deep Dive Summit presented an EXCELLENT presentation from all of the speakers in the movie to provide both them, and you, the opportunity of more full and balanced supporting arguments expressed therein. Pedram Shojai is an excellent interviewer getting into some really intriguing conversations, and drawing out in-depth info from the speakers.

Here are links to the conference agenda, speaker bios, and mp3 files on OneDrive* of each interview; and, as long as the folks at allow, embeds of the videos are below. Listen, learn, query… and act!

*You do not need to sign in or use a password for the OneDrive files; mp3 files should open in your default audio driver automatically, or you can download them to your preferred player. For mobile devices, you may require Chrome, or the free OneDrive app – definitely makes life easier in IOS! Interviews range from 40-65 mins.


Thrive in our modern, technology-driven world – just not at the expense of your health or the health of our planet.

Clear the toxins from your body and home – simply and effectively improving your quality of life and guarding against preventable illness.

Become a savvy, conscious consumer – with easy shopping strategies to put you back in control of your wellbeing (and your wallet!)

Oh, and change the world, too.
(Yes, you!)

The Origins Deep Dive Features the Brightest Minds in Human & Environmental Health


“So many people are either unaware of the mounting damage to our health from the destruction of the environment or feel guilty that they aren’t doing better. Origins shines a much-needed spotlight on the root cause of our health crisis and, most importantly, empowers us with simple ways we can make a real difference. Bravo!” –Sara Gottfried, M.D. – Harvard-Trained Physician and NY Times Bestselling Author of The Hormone Cure


“This hugely important film tells the story of how we veered off the very path we evolved to follow and what that decision is doing toour human biology, fertility and brains. I can think of nothing more important to our survival.”— Dave Asprey – Founder of The Bulletproof Executive


“The Origins Deep Dive reveals what the food industry and chemical companies don’t want you to know – that it’s not too hard, expensive or inconvenient to eat and live in ways that support your long-term health or the long-term health of our planet. Those are lies.”
— Mark Hyman, M.D. – Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, 8-time NY Times Bestselling Author 


“Origins provides a wakeup call to heal ourselves and our planet. Within this groundbreaking documentary lie the seeds for change and revolution. I’m honored to be a part of this conscience-shifting, don’t-miss film.”
-JJ Virgin – Certified Nutrition Specialist and best-selling Author

YOUR HOME Interviews about Gardening and Greening Up Your Home and more…

OCEAN ROBBINS CEO of the Food Revolution Network and Award-Winning Social Activist
Taking Back Your Kitchen: Easy Ways to Rid Your Food of Pesticides, Hormones, GMOs and Chemicals and Love Eating It!

DAVID GOTTFRIED Stanford-Educated Founder of the U.S. Green Building Council Recognized as the “€œFather of the Green Building Movement”
Greening Up Your Home: How to Make Smart Purchases That Are Good for Your Health and the Planet

KIM WALLS M.S., Green Organic Skin Expert and Respected Industry Advisor
Skin Care for You and Your Baby: How to Swap Toxic Cosmetic Products for Healthful Ones -€“ Without Compromising Quality or Spending a Fortune.

LEANNE ELY NY Times Bestselling Author Dubbed “€œThe Expert on Family Cooking” by Woman’s Day Magazine
Cooking Simply: How to Get Reconnected with Your Kitchen Even if You Don’€™t Know Where to Start

SCOTT MURRAY Sustainable Development Consultant and Founder of the Edge of Urban Farm
Getting Reconnected to the Food You Eat: How to Become a Home Gardener in Only One Week – and with Nothing More than 4 Quart-Sized Jars!

ROBYN BENSON, DOM Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Founder of The Self-Care Revolution
Safe Technology: How to Create a Healthy Electrical Environment in Our Technology-Driven World

EUGENE COOKE Urban Farming Expert and Author of “Grow Where You Area
Urban Gardening: How to Liberate Yourself from Old Ideas About Where Food Comes From

YOUR BODY Interviews about Nutrition and Health and more…

ALEX JAMIESON Co-Creator of Super Size Me and Expert on the Elimination of Food Cravings and Natural Weight Loss
Kicking Food Cravings to the Curb: How to Listen to Your Body, Love Yourself and Lose Weight Naturally

DAVID WOLFE Nutrition and Natural Beauty Expert and Co-Founder of
Using SuperFoods as Medicine: How to Detox and Heal Your Body Naturally

DONNA GATES M.Ed., ABAAHP, Advanced Fellow with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Expert in Digestive Health, Diet and Nutrition.
Strengthening Your Inner Ecosystem: How to Rid Your Gut of the Pathogens That Make You Sick, Fat and Old

JJ VIRGIN Certified Nutrition and Fitness Specialist and Author of the NY Times Bestseller The Virgin Diet
Beating Your Sugar and Starch Addition: How to Release Yourself from Sugar’€™s Grip and Like It!

JORDAN REASONER Natural Healer of Digestive Issues Widely Recognized As “€œThe Leaky Gut Guy”
The Disease Your Doctor Can’t Diagnose: How Leaky Gut Could Be Causing Your Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive Issues and Weight Problems – and What to Do About It

MARK HYMAN, MD Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and 8-Time NY Times Bestselling Author
Using Food to Cure Disease: How to Change Your Biology and Dramatically Improve Your Health – Without Drugs, Surgery or Medical Treatment

SARA GOTTFRIED, MD Harvard-Trained M.D. and NY Times Bestselling Author of The Hormone Cure
Balancing Your Hormones to Lose Weight and Feel Great: How to Make your Body More Naturally Resilient to the Stressors of Today’s Modern World

TOM MALTERRE, MS, CN Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Bestselling Author of The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook
The Power of Good Nutrition: 6 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Diet and Your Life

TOM O’BRYAN Certified Nutrition and Functional Medicine Expert in Treating Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, Chronic Disease and Metabolic Disorders
Finally Understanding Gluten Intolerance: How to Figure Out Once and For All If You Should Go Gluten-Free – And Why Other People Do!

NICK POLIZZI Documentary Filmmaker and Expert on Holistic Healing Practices
Secrets of the Ancient Healers: 6 Things We Can Learn from Indigenous Cultures to Experience a More Joyful, Healthful, Peaceful Life

SHAWN STEVENSON Bestselling Author and Creator of the #1 Nutrition and Fitness Podcast in the World on iTunes
Deciding to Be Healthy: How to Eat and Exercise for Maximum Health

ALAN CHRISTIANSON, NMD Naturopathic Medical Doctor Specializing in Natural Endocrinology with a Focus on Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders
Guarding Against Toxins: How to Win the War against the More than 3 Million New Chemicals Released Since 1900

ANTHONY G. BECK Board-Certified Practitioner of Functional Medicine and Expert in Clinical Nutrition, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Exercise Physiology
An Individualized Approach to Health: How to Find the Healthy Habits that Are Right for You

TIM NOAKES Professor of Sports Science Medicine and Former Elite Athlete
Avoiding Diabetes Through Diet: Debunking the Many Myths Around Heart and Endocrine Health

Say no to GMOYOUR POWER Interviews about Changing Public/Corporate Policy and Navigating Health Care and more…

ABEL JAMES No. 1 Bestselling Author and Host of the Award-Winning Top-Rated Fat-Burning Man Radio Show
Getting Untethered From the American Dream: How to Get Free of the Things That Bind You and Enjoy the Hell Out of the Rest

KARI HAMERSCHLAG Berkley-Educated Researcher and Expert on Healthy, Organic, Local and Sustainable Food and Agriculture Policies
Changing Food Policy: Top 10 Things You Can Do To Take Your Power Back From Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups

KEN COOK Co-Founder of the Environmental Working Group and Expert on Protecting Families from Harmful Ingredients
Waking Up and Protecting Yourself: How Shopping a Bit Smarter Dramatically Reduces Your Exposure to Toxins, Pesticides and Other Harmful Chemicals

LISA ARCHER Activist Leading the Charge to Ensure Food, Consumer Products and Emerging Technologies are Safe for People and the Environment
Bucking the System: 20 Ways You Can Effectively Change Policies to Better Protect Your Health and Your Environment

ERIK GOLDMAN Medical Journalist Specializing in Educating Conventional Doctors About Holistic Healing
Navigating Our Changing Healthcare System: How to Get Good Healthcare in a Changing Paradigm

REYNA BRYAN Sustainability Expert with a Background in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Influencing Manufacturers: How to Make Consumer Products in This Country Go From Wasteful to Wise

JACK HASKEL Trail Information Specialist for the Pacific Crest Trail Association
Protecting Nature: Simple Steps Anyone Can Take to Become a Responsible Steward of our Public Lands

JEFFREY SMITH GMO Expert, International Bestselling Author and Founder of The Institute for Responsible Technology
Saying NO to GMOs: How to get GMOs out of your diet, your household and your life right now.

TIM REIHM Director of Communications and Outreach, Alliance for Natural Health USA
Taking Your Power Back: 5 Things You Can Do to Combat Hidden Toxins in Our Food, Drugs, Supplements and even our Grocery Store Receipts

Sprout truthYOUR MINDSET Interviews about Building Brainpower, Mental Acuity, Vitality and Qi and more…

Dr. ANNA CABECA DO, FACOG, ABAARM, Board-Certified OBGYN and Expert in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, and ROBIN NIELSON Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Expert in Growing Younger
A Sexy Younger You: How to Be Vital, Youthful and Sexy in Our Modern Toxic World

DAVE ASPREY High Performance Expert and Founder of The Bulletproof Executive
Building Brainpower: How to Help Your Body Eliminate Toxins for Better Focus, More Willpower and Increased Mental Acuity

TRISTAN TRUSCOTT Sensai and Founder of the Austin Martial Arts Academy and the Satori Method Academy

How to Clean Up Your Energy: 5 Ways to Recalibrate and Find Balance in Your Life: Even If You Don’€™t Practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong

EMILY ROSEN Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and Expert in Nutritional Psychology and MARC DAVID, MA Bestselling Author and Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.
The Power of Self-Talk: 6 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Relationship with Food and Watch Your Health Soar

MITCHELL STEVKO Mind-Body Health Expert with a Focus on Healthy Sleep Habits and Founder of The Sleep Companion
Wake Up: 7 Proven Strategies to Getting the Best Night’s Sleep Ever: Every Night!

DANIEL AMEN, MD Double Board-Certified Psychiatrist, 9-Time NY Times Bestselling Author and Brain Health Expert
Boosting Your Brain Health: How to Live a Longer, Happier, More Fruitful Life by Taking Care of Your Brain

CLIFF HODGES MIT-Trained Engineer and Founder of Adventure Out
Reconnecting with Nature: How to Cultivate a Conservationist Mindset in a One-Time Use, Disposable World

MARK VAN WIJK Award-Winning Documentary Film MakerBrain on joy
Behind the Scenes: 7 Things That Will Surprise You about the Making of Origins -€“ Including Pedram’s Run-In with a Black Mamba

CRAIG FOSTER Award-Winning Documentary Film Maker
Developing an Ancient Mind: 5 Key Things Our Early Ancestors Knew That Could Build Our Modern Brains



Eating psych Origins.

Donna Gates Origins.

Mark Hyman. Origins

Sara Gottfried

Tom OBryan Origins gluten.

Jordan Reasoner Origins leaky gut.

JJ Virgin Origins sugar addiction

Alex Jamieson Origins food cravings

Dave asprey Origins brain toxicity

Michael Stevko Origins sleep

EX Daniel Amen Origins brain health/food

David Wolfe Origins food toxins etc

Tom Malterre Origins food start now

Shawn Stevenson Origins eat/exercise

Anthony Beck Origins toxins

Alan Christianson metals thyroid



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