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Daily Flame

Messages from your Inner Pilot Light, by Dr. Lissa Rankin, PhD
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Some of my faves…

When you are in need of healing, whether from disease or despair, look no further than me.
Ask me “What do I need in order to heal?”
I will tell you, if only you’ll listen.

The best doctor ever, 
Your Inner Pilot Light


You have SUCH a big heart. I know you want to help so many. But please remember – you can’t serve up water from a dried up well.
That notion you have that you must give until you’re depleted and that doing so makes you a valuable, caring person worthy of love and respect, it’s just dead wrong. You’re a valuable caring person worthy of love and respect because you have within you a piece of Divinity (moi!) and that makes you inherently valuable.
Try this new mantra instead.
I fill myself first so I can heal the world.
Fill that well, baby,

Your Inner Pilot Light


For just a moment there, I got a feeling you might have forgotten.
The birds love you. The flowers rejoice when they hear your name. The woman you smiled at loves you. The guy in front of you at the grocery store had a little 2 minute love affair with you. The person whose heart you touched didn’t even tell you, but there’s love there too. You are loved by the Divine in ways you can’t even imagine. You need not do anything to earn this love. You can’t ever lose it. This grace is your birthright.
Love is all around. Sometimes we forget to take it all in…
With great, abiding love,

Your Inner Pilot Light


Do you expect people to be mind readers?
Do you feel loved if they automatically do what will make you happy without requiring you to ask?
If so, I’d venture to guess you wind up disappointed – a lot.
Why not make it easy on everyone? Why not make yourself vulnerable, ask for what you need, grant permission for the person to say no, and see what happens?
Nine times out of ten, the people you love are dying to please you – they just don’t know how. When you ask, you give them a gift, a road map of how to make you smile.
Not sure what will make you happy? Ask me.
Try it. Report back.

Like AAA,

Your Inner Pilot Light


I know it’s scary. You’re standing at the edge of the cliff, looking at those sharp rocks below, imagining all the ways you might get hurt if you jump.
But let me clue you into a little secret.
I am your wings, my darling.
So go ahead and leap.
You’ll not only be safe. I’ll help you fly.

Like Pegasus,

Your Inner Pilot Light


Thank you for overcoming all you have. I appreciate you for always knowing I am here, even when it gets very dark.
Bless you for trusting me, even when you can barely feel me here.
Life is like that, my love. Sometimes you have to get through the shadows in order to ignite my flame.


Your Inner Pilot Light



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