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HayHouse Summit 2014: My Top 5

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Full Speaker Lineup with session descriptions here… or HayHouse Summit 2014 info here

Top 5 Hay House Summit 2014 sessions – definitely a different lineup than Summit’13, predominantly, more international speakers from the worldwide Hayhouse family. There was also a very strong representation of  diet/nutrition research and opinion: good news, they seem to be mostly on the same page! There were a lot of meditation and deep intuition exercises this year: mostly welcome… but sometimes tedious if you listened to several sessions in a row. (There’s only so much meditating I can do in a day!!!)
I was in my element with the excellent array of speakers on “the brain”, which totally piques my interest this year. Speakers included the latest evidence-based science and professional theories on the relativity of the brain to genetics and DNA, to the effect of spiritual beliefs, to uncovering our subconscious, to theta brainwaves and dream-states, to in utero development, to our gut health, to our love-life! Again, the good news is… that a lot of the neuroscience research is both compatible and complimentary to a lot of what was formerly considered spiritual or health theories, as well as our day-to-day experience of cause-and-reaction pertaining to our thoughts and feelings.

I sure hope Hay House continues to use Greg Sherwood as a primary host for this event in the future: he definitely contributes to the interest, depth and direction to the conversations he’s a part of.

Top 5 this year… sessions that took some perhaps common ideas just that little bit further so as to provoke a deeper and more useful understanding to apply directly to our lives. No order really!


The Power Archetypes Have in Your Life
Caroline Myss in Conversation with Greg Sherwood

Who are you? In this intriguing interview, New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss talks with Greg Sherwood about the fascinating world of archetypes—patterns of behavior that help you better understand yourself and your place in the world. Caroline explains that you are born with archetypes, several of them, and they can change according to the stage of your life. She describes how imperative it is not to connect your inner search to a goal, but instead to focus on self-knowledge and motivation. Once you connect with an archetype that you know is genuinely you, it will inspire you to find out about the other archetypes that may be influencing your life. Caroline also gives clues to help you determine whether a given archetype may be part of your lifelong support team. So join Caroline to discover your life patterns, lessons, and gifts. (62 min.)
Note: She nails it… as usual! She hits on fears, excuses, take action, just grow-up already, prince/princess charming fantasies…



Unleashing the Human Potential: Tapping Into The Wisdom Within
Michael Neill in conversation with Jessica Ortner

Supercoach Michael Neill talks about the infinite creative potential of the mind, the nature of consciousness and our reality, and how the moment we have a new thought, we create a new experience. Most people, he emphasizes, “live in the feeling of thought . . . not the feeling of the world,” and by reconnecting to our nature, we’re able to see everything as solely expressions of our own power. Along the journey of this memorable interview, Michael shares valuable insights into the compelling principles of mind, thought, and consciousness; how we can reduce our own suffering and emotional pain and achieve great performance; and the two biggest mistakes people make. “The mind is actually a projector, not a camera,” Michael underscores, and only oneness exists before we interpret it. When we understand this, life becomes remarkably easier to navigate. (56 min.)
Note: Jessica Ortner represents “Joe Average”, probing the perspective of Michael in a way that you and I might interpret things in real life. Michael uses a lot of metaphors; hang in there, it all comes to one of the most profoundly simple understandings of life that I’ve heard in the last several years. Based on his book “The Inside-Out Revolution”, a very quick and inspiring read!



Jump… And Your Life Will Appear
Nancy Levin Conversation with Reid Tracy
Nancy is a complete “newbie” to the speaker/writer side of Hay House, and for the second year in a row, her session ranks in my top 3. Once again, Nancy offers extreme vulnerability to us, sharing stories that most of us can relate to – but would never say out loud. She works as the event director for Hay House, is surrounded by the best wisdom and tools in the world… but struggles to change her behaviours and pursue her authenticity: exactly the same journey as you and me. I see her role at Hayhouse tipping the balance over to more and more coaching and writing!

As the events director for Hay House since 2002, Nancy Levin has been immersed in the teachings of many top inspirational speakers and authors. Now, in this talk with Hay House president Reid Tracy, Nancy shares how one of the most difficult periods of her life challenged her to put what she’s learned to the test, face her greatest fear, and set herself free. She wants you to gain the benefit of what she’s learned—what she knows through experience really works—and guide you in the process of making a change in your own life. The ten steps of her practice take you through not only preparing for a change but also what to do after you make that scary jump. Be sure to have a pen and paper handy for the exercise in which Nancy leads you in the first step to transforming your life! (51 min.)


Here is Nancy’s 2013 talk, as referenced!

Science of Keeping Love Alive
Bruce Lipton, PhD. in Conversation with Greg Sherwood

Note: love the idea of being in a “honeymoon phase” your whole life? Greg tells you how it’s possible! Ah… the brain – love it!!
In this intriguing interview, Greg Sherwood sits down with best-selling author and leader in the new biology, Dr. Bruce Lipton. Dr. Lipton explores the self-doubts and negative beliefs that close us off from love, opportunities, and happiness. He breaks down the science behind these beliefs, and why our perceptions of our environment impact our experiences. In essence, our beliefs create our reality. Dr. Lipton goes on to explain how our two minds—the subconscious mind and the conscious mind—interact with each other, and why the subconscious mind (our learned behavior) overrides our desires, dreams, and wishes. Dr. Lipton shares three ways to rewrite your subconscious mind, creating more positive thoughts, feelings, and relationships. When we learn how to recognize the habits and triggers of the mind, we’ll see that choice, and real change, is in our power. (64 min.)



The Secret of Spiritual Fiction 
Michael A. Goorjian

Note: I included this session because it’s one of the few I’ve ever heard on this topic, and yet I think the issue of offering programming that provokes perspective, thought, spirituality, insight, wisdom, healthy living… and simply intellectual entertainment, particularly as it relates to youth, needs way more space in the public forum. Remember this cutey from “Party of Five”: yes, it’s Justin!
In this fascinating interview, Nancy Levin sits down with writer, director, and Emmy Award-winning actor Michael Goorjian. They take a deeper look at spiritual fiction: what it is and why we need it. Michael shares personal insights into the creative process, his experiences with following his passion, and the importance of discipline and persistence in completing any creative endeavor. He also discusses how great works of spiritual writing, including religious texts like the Bible, speak to the subconscious and not only teach profound lessons but can ignite a meaningful shift in the reader. Michael goes on to relate how his understanding of spiritual fiction applies to his forthcoming novel, Beatrice, which explores themes including mystery, romance, connection, and wonderment. (26 min.)

JUSTIN (Michael)! 


Creating the Miracles in Your Life
Louise Hay in Conversation with Robert Holden
How can I possibly have a Top 5 without Robert Holden – my hands-down favorite to listen to. Robert did his own session this year, however, i’ll choose this one with Louise Hay… because it’s simply beautiful. There’s an excerpt in video format here (if the link stays alive), which if you have a moment, check it out; Robert and Louise are sitting feet-up on a couch in the most intimate and relaxing state, a pre-cursor to how deeply and vulnerably they shoot the breeze about life.
In this wonderfully intimate conversation between Louise Hay and Robert Holden, Louise and Robert open up about the experiences that influenced their perspectives on life and their metaphysical teachings. Through sharing stories from their personal journeys, they explore such varied topics as learning how to think, listening to “inner dings,” self-image and loveability, food and nutrition, forgiveness, gratitude, and more. You’ll learn about the effects of the stories we tell ourselves, and how an “attitude of love” can prevent the “tyranny of positive thinking.” You’ll also enjoy tales such as how Louise came to discover the importance of mirror work, and Robert and Louise’s hilarious first meeting. Additionally, Louise and Robert offer advice on facing discouragement, self-forgiveness, and reinforcing the idea that “Life loves me.” (64 min.)



Okay… there’s 6… again…

Because meditation/visualization was so strongly featured this year… and I think my favorite meditation/visualization exercise came from… yikes, either Lissa Rankin: soft voice, beautiful visual journey… or Vianna Stibal- not unlike Lissa’s… but taking us a little further in the out-of-body journey, stretching our minds just that little bit more… so… here are both!

Mind Over Medicine
Lissa Rankin, M.D. in Conversation with Nancy Levin
In this thought-provoking interview, Nancy Levin talks with best-selling author and physician Dr. Lissa Rankin about radical healing modalities in today’s world. You’ll learn why mainstream medicine can sometimes fall short in uncovering the root cause of an illness, and why an integrated approach can set us on a path to self-healing. Lissa shares incredible stories, both from personal experiences and peer-reviewed case studies, which prove the link between loneliness, stress, fear, and illness. She explains the fight-or-flight stress response, and why relaxation is so desperately needed to help repair the body and mind. She also introduces the concept of tapping into your intuition, a wellspring of compassion, self-love, and guidance. Finally, Lissa guides you through a meditative process of listening to your body to find inner support and discover your own path toward self-healing. (63 min.)
There’s not much new in this interview, if you’ve heard Lissa’s Mind Over Medicine talk before – although it’s always good… the meditation starts at about XX

LISSA!  full interview        or visualization exercise only!    


Introducing Theta-healing: an Extraordinary Energy-healing Modality
Vianna Stibal, M.D. in Conversation with Greg Sherwood

In 1995, Vianna Stibal, a mother of three young children, was diagnosed with a serious health condition. Everything she had tried using conventional and alternative medicine had failed, until she employed a simple technique that she used in her work as an intuitive reader. Amazed that she had cured herself instantaneously, Vianna started to use this technique in her sessions with clients and saw person after person miraculously heal.
In this hour-long interview with Greg Sherwood, Vianna shares how working with ThetaHealing has changed her life and allowed her to help countless people all over the world. She explains how ThetaHealing works, and how anyone can learn to access the theta brain wave and connect with the energy of All That Is, to witness healings of the physical body and identify and change limiting beliefs. Vianna also emphasizes the importance of working out what you really want, and guides you through an exercise for manifesting the changes you desire in your life.?
The visualization starts at about XX… but this is just a really cool subject and interview so I’d encourage you to listen to the whole thing. (Okay… I will never be able to feature just 5 favorite interviews… who am I kidding!!!




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