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HayHouse Summit 13 Lineup

Following is the Hayhouse Summit 2013 lineup.
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Update: Hayhouse Summit 2014 lineup and Top 5

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The Woman Who Started It All
Louise L. Hay in Conversation with Reid Tracy
At 86, Louise is constantly learning new things and staying excited about life and this interview is an up-close-and-personal view of exactly how she maintains her vibrant lifestyle, including her personal views about good nutrition. She also offers some of her personal affirmations, her wisdom about the importance of forgiveness, and tips for removing negative thoughts. You won’t want to miss her advice about how she has relied upon listening to her inner “ding”—the intuition that we all have inside that can guide us to positive change.

The Art of Extreme Self-Care
Cheryl Richardson in Conversation with Reid Tracy
Cheryl Richardson talks about how taking big leaps and being willing to go against the grain are the keys to success, fulfillment, and living an exceptional life. Have you ever wondered how to gracefully decline unwanted invitations? Let Cheryl teach you the best-ever advice for doing so that will help you practice extreme self-care. This interview is chock-full of life-changing ways to make over your life. You won’t want to miss it.

Facts and Fiction of the Spirit World
John Edward in Conversation with John Holland
In this frank and candid conversation, John and John weed out the “psychic B.S.” that they see around them. In the process, you’ll discover whether certain pervasive ideas about the spirit world are fact or fiction. For example, is our future actually set in stone? Do those who commit suicide really stay in some sort of limbo? What happens when atheists cross over? And is there a difference between a psychic and a medium?

Hungry for Yourself: The Diet You Cannot Afford to Cheat on
Dr. Robin L. Smith in Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Through the retelling of her own horrifying downward spiral into self-deception and gnawing emptiness, triggered by several devastating life events, Dr. Robin gives you practical advice on how to overcome the incessant ache of need, and the hope that you, too, can overcome your hunger. With examples of ways to demystify meditation and a personal narrative that is heartbreaking and inspiring, you’ll find the courage to examine your relationship with yourself and create a recipe for having a full life.

How to Live a Charged Life
Brendon Burchard in Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Brendon teaches us that, at the end of the day, only two things are going to change your life—either something new comes into your life from without…or something new comes from within. So when you narrow it down and see that two things are a lot more manageable than an unquantifiable amount of possibilities, you’ll start being able to act with more purpose. This insight, along with many specific suggestions for making positive transformations, will show you how to become the person you’ve always dreamed of.

The Art of Healing
Bernie Siegel, M.D. in Conversation with Joan Borysenko
Bernie shares his personal experiences, as well as stories of patients and others he’s encountered, that show the connection between your emotional life and your physical health. He discusses the inner healing potential we all have and the factors that promote spontaneous remission, or “self-induced healing.” His stories will move and inspire you, and demonstrate why gratitude, compassion, and love are the way to a healthy life.

The Divine Feminine
Meggan Watterson in Conversation with Cheryl Richardson
Harvard-trained theologian Meggan Watterson discusses the Divine Feminine, what it means to be a spiritually driven woman, and woman’s place in traditional religion. You’ll learn about her practical journal exercise that will allow you to acknowledge your ego, and, with a little spiritual sweat, let your soul voice shine. You’ll also learn about the RedLadies—a group Meggan started with other women who were also in need of the Divine Feminine—and discover how you can start your own RedLadies group in your hometown.

Your Empowered, Vibrant Pregnancy
Latham Thomas in Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Latham teaches how to tap into and trust your innate wisdom during this sacred time of life and dispels some common pregnancy fears and myths. Latham also offers up commonsense nutrition advice, including ways of managing and interpreting cravings and even how to get fit again post-pregnancy. Be sure to stay tuned for the breathing exercise at the end of the interview, which is a wonderful tool for mindfulness.

Being of Power
Baron Baptiste in Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Drawing from his extensive teaching experience as a master yoga instructor the past few decades, Baron Baptiste departs from that but skillfully offers many practical tools that will help listeners overcome their fears and become the people they’ve always dreamed of. Along with Greg Sherwood, Baron discusses some of the main principles and teachings from his excellent new book titled Being of Power, which is organized into nine key practices.

How to Process Emotions and Stay Centered
Deborah King in Conversation with Nancy Levin
In this interview, not only does Deborah reveal what she personally does in terms of a daily practice for staying centered, she leads listeners through two extremely powerful meditations—one from ancient China called the Microcosmic Orbit and a very special one that focuses on the chakras of the body. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn Deborah’s personal keys to emotional health and inner peace.

Embracing All That Is
Jennifer McLean in Conversation with Nancy Levin
Through an exercise on trauma, Jennifer gives you a way to release the shadows that you hold within your body (those that are left over from traumatic events) so that you can co-create your best life. You will learn how to face and move on from your inner critic, as well as healing elements to use in a daily practice to continue releasing these shadows.

The Evolution of the Law of Attraction
Esther Hicks in Conversation with Reid Tracy
In a rare and very personal interview, Esther Hicks joins Hay House President and CEO Reid Tracy to discuss Jerry’s transition and their ongoing connection, their 30+ year marriage, and the early years with Abraham. Esther also relates the personal practices and tools she has learned from Abraham and employs in her everyday life and gives advice that everyone can use in applying those processes.

Wisdom from A Course in Miracles
Marianne Williamson in Conversation with Robert Holden, Ph.D.
At the end of this enlightening interview, you will come to realize the true power of love and forgiveness, and understand the many practical applications of this classic spiritual text—that it is not about belief, but experience. As Marianne reads from A Course in Miracles and leads you through one of her favorite visualizations, you’ll feel yourself shifting from fear to love, and moving beyond the trappings of your ego to a new level of awareness and peace.

The Healing Power of Unconditional Love
Anita Moorjani in Conversation with Nancy Levin
Anita Moorjani talks about her near-death experience (NDE) and how it has transformed her—including her complete healing from end-stage cancer in the weeks following her NDE. Learn why there’s nothing to forgive and why allowing love—unconditional self-love—is the key to moving forward into becoming who you were meant to be. Anita leads a guided meditation to access the very essence of your being and provides simple exercises to understand the nature of awareness and to begin living in the joy and magnificence that is your birthright.

Reverse “Diabesity” and the Blood Sugar Solution
Mark Hyman, M.D. in Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Mark gives listeners his ten rules for eating safely for life, which are simple, practical guidelines that they’ll be able start applying to their lives today. Today is the day to start making healthy changes, and this conversation will provide you with the information and motivation to put you on the right path!

Discussing Success with Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield in Conversation with Michael Neill
In this remarkable interview, Jack explains that success in fact stems from fulfilling your purpose, which leads to pure joy. Yet he also talks about the surprising link between joy and discipline—that focus and intention are key to reaching goals. He gives you specific techniques that can help you along the way, from meditation and mindfulness to affirmations and visualizations. As you learn to apply these to your daily life, you’ll discover how to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of, one that is rich in every way possible.

Spiritual Secrets to Activate Fabulous Abundance
Denise Linn in Conversation with John Holland
In this insightful and entertaining talk with John Holland, Denise Linn reveals how she went from humble, poor beginnings to a life of abundance and success. She discusses how difficult it was for her to let go of those patterns of lack that were instilled in her from a young age, while teaching listeners ways to do the same and attract more of what they want into their lives.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen: Embracing a Plant-Empowered Lifestyle
Kris Carr in Conversation with Jessica Ortner
For the past decade, Kris has thrived while living with cancer, and in this interview she offers some of the tips and tricks that have helped her along the way. Listen in as she gives her recipe for an easy green juice or smoothie and recommendations for picking from the “Dirty Dozen” or the “Clean Fifteen.” Kris’s inspirational story will leave you empowered to take on a plant-based lifestyle. As she says, “Make juice, not war!”

Overcoming Anxiety and Stress
Charles Linden in Conversation with Jessica Ortner
“Stress is never good—it can only be damaging,” says leading anxiety disorder and stress expert Charles Linden. In fact, he calls it—along with other anxiety conditions—the most negatively impactful health-related pandemic in the world. During this enlightening conversation, Charles shares many easy, practical tips for experiencing relief in those moments when stress and anxiety are threatening to overtake us. He also guides listeners through a powerful, ten-minute relaxation technique that we can turn to again and again whenever those moments of anxiety arise.

F**k-It Therapy
John C. Parkin in Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Are you unhappy with your job? Your life? John C. Parkin explains in shockingly simple terms, we don’t have to do anything…except say, “F**k it!” In this entertaining and enlightening interview with Greg Sherwood, he tells us that there’s something very Buddhist or Taoist about using this phrase, as it has the power to release you from your attachments and stresses. John even leads listeners through a few exercises to help them release stress and tension and get energy flowing through their bodies.

Spiritual Psychology
H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D. and Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D. in Conversation with Joan Borysenko
According to Ron and Mary, an unresolved issue is anything that disturbs our peace, and the practices that they teach during this discussion show us how to process these issues and negative patterns and bring a sense of tranquility and purpose to life. They also share exercises that they teach at USM to practice releasing judgment and feeling more compassion. Don’t miss this special, enlightening discussion!

How to Interpret Your Dreams
Leon Nacson in Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Have you ever had dreams that left you confused and searching for answers as to their relevance? Well, according to dream expert and Hay House Australia managing director Leon Nacson, you are the best decoder of your own dreams, not anyone else. Leon not only answers the fascinating question “Why do we dream?”, but he also describes the significance of many dream symbols and explains the of the most common dreams that people have.

Emotions and Health: The Crucial Connection
Christiane Northrup, M.D. in Conversation with Joan Borysenko
Dr. Northrup explains that suffering and disease isn’t an inevitable aspect of womanhood or a fact of aging; rather, the opposite is true! When you identify and use your body’s built-in guidance system, you can learn to heal and flourish. You’ll become healthier, feel more energetic, and even be more creative and productive. Dr. Northrup also guides you through a deep-breathing exercise and offers many tips on self-care, from why it’s vital to start strengthening your pelvic-floor muscles to exploring and embracing your sexuality. Tune in to your body’s wisdom, and know that you deserve to thrive at every stage of your life.

The New Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz in Conversation with Michael Neill
Don Miguel Ruiz enlightens his audience with the five agreements. He suggests that searching for inner peace, through yoga, meditation, and other techniques, can help us see and control our thoughts instead of letting our thoughts control us. As we set up the agreements and gain true awareness, we can let go of the distorted reality of our personal truth. We will understand that we are true embodiments of love, knowledge, and inner peace. Also, be sure to listen near the end for a beautiful prayer for love from Don Miguel.

Life Visioning: A Proven Technology for Discovering, Activating, and Evolving Your Deepest Self
Michael Bernard Beckwith in Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Michael gives you the four ultimate steps to help you leave the feeling of lack behind and reach for a new life of abundance. Join him as he recites a prayer for your health and even gives an exercise on how you can craft your own profound prayer at home. Become aware of the unconditional love that surrounds all of us so you may stop seeing obstacles and start seeing your life vision!

The Tapping Solution: A Breakthrough Method for Personal Growth
Nick Ortner in Conversation with Jessica Ortner
You will learn the basics of tapping, which focus on applying slight pressure to the endpoints of energy meridians, a similar concept to Chinese acupuncture, while using key phrases to help you relieve anxiety caused by emotional and physical pain. Nick will walk you through, step-by-step, some targeted tapping, identifying tapping points along the way and teaching you how to find the language to tap on your own blocks so you can create a tapping plan that is unique to you.

Living Your Passionate Purpose
Alan Cohen in Conversation with Joan Borysenko
In this inspiring discussion, Alan addresses such topics as advice for what people should be doing if things are draining them but they’re too fearful to let them go, how to take those first steps toward your passion, living more authentically, and turning depression into expression. He also describes various exercises he frequently does in his workshops and courses that listeners will be able to do on their own to bring clarity to their lives and issues.

Releasing Your Creative Genius at Midlife and Beyond
Gay Hendricks in Conversation with Michael Neill
In this incredibly insightful discussion, Gay, speaking from years of experience, teaches us that life seems to work best when we’re comfortably riding in the backseat. So when we stop trying to do things simply because we think they’ll make us more money or bring us more success, and begin to engage in life in a full-on, loving way, creative abundance flows and is universally available to us. He guides us to access that genius within by asking the important inner question that will open us up to that wellspring of inspiration. Listen in, as that question is revealed right here!

Opening Your Awareness to the World Beyond
Lisa Williams in Conversation with John Holland
Lisa offers insights on ways to tune in to your sixth sense and develop your psychic ability. She also provides a powerful guided visualization that will enable you to connect with Spirit and ask for signs, as well as many practical tips on strengthening your sensitivity and practicing psychic self-defense. Learn how to surrender to Spirit, discover what your purpose is on Earth, and connect with your loved ones on the other side to experience unconditional love, deep healing, and profound peace and well-being.

Mind Over Medicine
Lissa Rankin, M.D. in Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Sharing personal stories and cutting-edge research, Lissa helps listeners learn how to tap into their “inner pilot light,” their source of spiritual energy and vitality. Instead of waiting for a serious illness to occur, they can listen to their body’s “whispers” of what they need for happy and harmonious living. Lissa also reveals her six-step process for self-healing.

The Moses Code: How to Create Miracles in Your Life
James F. Twyman in Conversation with Jessica Ortner
In this fascinating exploration of oneness and miracles, James unlocks an ancient code, which dates back more than 3,500 years, that allows us to tap into our innate ability to create miracles. James describes a powerful bond that exists between us—an energetic force that unites all of humanity and offers peace and clarity in ways that nothing else can. To put it simply, we are one. And when we realize this connection, we can use the code to access our infinite wisdom so that we will not only attract more “goods” into our life, but also more goodness in the world.

Secrets of Sound Healing: Why Sound Can Heal and Transformy
Jonathan Goldman in Conversation with Joan Borysenko
You’ll learn all about this amazing modality as John explains how the groundbreaking formula Frequency + Intention=Healing was revealed to him, how each of us is a unique vibratory being, and how we can use resonant frequency to “attune” the symphony of the self—all the way down to our DNA! Jonathan invites you to personally experience the effects of “musical Rx” as you listen to a clip from his beautiful recording “Peaceful Journey.” In addition, he leads you in a series of single-tone exercises to resonate different areas of the body…allowing you to “entrain” it to harmony!

Discovering the Enneagram
Russ Hudson in Conversation with Robert Holden
Whether you’ve ever heard of the enneagram or not, you’re going to want to listen to what expert Russ Hudson has to teach you in this very special interview. Russ takes us through each of the nine personality types of the enneagram and describes the specific qualities of each one. He also provides topics to meditate on based on the number that you are. If you’re curious to learn more about this unique model of human personality—and in the process learn more about yourself and those around you—this special interview is for you!

Speaking to the Spirit World
James Van Praagh Conversation with John Holland
This fascinating conversation between two unbelievably talented psychics is full of simple, practical advice on how to better tune in to your intuitive abilities. James Van Praagh begins and ends the discussion with beautiful meditations, which bookend topics that include how to be aware of and trust your senses, communication with your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed to the other side, how to develop your mediumship, and auras and energy.

Where Dietary Science Is Today
Jorge Cruise Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Jorge explains why endless hours in the gym and deprivation diets are unsustainable and shares the easy lifestyle changes you can make for health and fitness. You’ll discover why sugar calories (not fat!) are the most important thing you need to track, and also find out the shocking amount of hidden sugar in many foods. Jorge breaks down why options like bacon, cheese, and even wine are much better choices than carbohydrate- and sugar-heavy alternatives. Sugar and carbs disrupt your hormone levels and increase belly fat, which is a factor in heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Empowering Yourself Through Past Lives
Sandra Anne Taylor Conversation with Nancy Levin
Explore the possibility of challenges arising from karmic energy left over from past lives, the other big challenge that many people aren’t aware of. Sandra provides clear steps to begin shifting your consciousness today and leads a detailed, powerful guided meditation for attracting success by accessing your higher self. Listen in, and ignite your quantum power today!

Lessons Learned in Love
Mastin Kipp Conversation with Robert Holden, Ph.D.
In this fun, frank exchange between two inspiring teachers, you’ll learn about Mastin’s journey and how, for him, finding and founding The Daily Love truly took a “divine storm.” Through The Daily Love, Mastin now imparts inspiration to thousands—and in this talk he distills the essence of what he’s learned, offering a simple definition love, dispelling myths about love, and inviting you to live your purpose through unconditional love and self-acceptance.

IN-Vizion: A Revolutionary Energy Method to Remove All the Blocks to Co-creating the Life You Want
Colette Baron-Reid Conversation with John Holland
Colette takes us through the IN-Vizion system, a groundbreaking process for relieving stress in our lives, which she says is the most prevalent problem she sees in her coaching clients. What makes this so powerful is that it allows us to get a different perspective immediately and experience instant relief without analyzing any of the components for why we originally felt the emotions we’re experiencing. If you’re overwhelmed and anxious, tune in to this discussion and let Colette show you how to melt your stress away!

How Understanding Our True Human Bond Can Lead to a Happier You and a Healthier Planet
Lynne McTaggart Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Join best-selling, award-winning author Lynne McTaggart as she discusses the innate bond at the heart of our human nature, and how we can live together in the world more successfully. In this fascinating interview, Lynne explains that right now we’re facing the end stage of selfishness, having been led down an unnatural and unsustainable path of competition and divisiveness.

For The Sender
Alex Woodard Conversation with Nancy Levin
Alex shares many insights from his unconventional journey that will resonate with all kinds of listeners, whether they consider themselves to be artistic or not. Listening to this remarkable storyteller will inspire you to make changes in your own life, helping you tune in to yourself and open up to all of the wonderful people and experiences that are just waiting for you in this incredible world of ours.

The Wisdom of Body Ecology: Using Food as Medicine for Health and Vitality
Donna Gates Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Donna shows you how to combat the systemic effects of yeast through dietary choices that will help you (1) conquer infection, and (2) build a strong immune system. Full of easy-to-implement, non-deprivation-based advice, this talk will teach you how to create energy and cleanse yourself of toxins by following the universal principles of Body Ecology. As an added bonus, Donna offers some “top” foods and specific recipe tips so you can get started on the way to better health and increased vitality today!

Messages from Margaret: Down-to-Earth Angelic Advice for the World…and You
Gerry Gavin Conversation with John Holland
Have you ever wanted to be more connected to your angels? Did you even know that you have angels to call on? In this discussion, Gerry Gavin gives frank and applicable advice on how you can talk to and have a relationship with your angels. He shows listeners how they can talk with these celestial beings in ways that they may not have known they had the capacity to do, such as developing intuition and actually hearing angelic and heavenly messages. He also leads a very special meditation/grounding exercise that he’s only shared in his workshops until now.

Afformations: Giving Yourself Permission to Succeedy
Noah St. John Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Research suggests that over 70 percent of our thoughts are negative. Well, just imagine how different your life would be if you could erase that type of thinking from your life. In this fascinating talk, Noah St. John will show you how to do just that! Listen in as he introduces his key elements to an abundant lifestyle as well as the groundbreaking concept called Afformations, which provide the tools for anyone to skyrocket sales, boost profits, increase goodwill, and create the life of their dreams.

Awakening to the Peace Within
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche Conversation with davidji
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche teaches that groundedness, confidence, and inner peace are the benefits of meditation and a spiritually centered life, and he even leads listeners through a meditation that forces them to acknowledge and process those challenges they are facing in this moment as a way to begin awakening the mind. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear such insightful and inspiring individuals!

Listening to Your Angels
Doreen Virtue Conversation with Reid Tracy
Listen in as Doreen relates never-before-told stories about how angels have guided her throughout her life, and how calling on one of the seven archangels can guide you and assist you in finding your life’s purpose. Doreen talks about her passion for her beloved Angel Card decks and why they are like children to her, and she also gives tips on how to overcome fear regarding making decisions and letting your angels guide you. As a bonus, Doreen takes viewers through a short meditation.

Happiness and Success
Michael Neill Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Michael Neill sheds light on what upon first listen seems common sense, but upon closer examination is fantastically groundbreaking. He debunks the widely accepted equation that struggle + stress + sacrifice= success, explaining that the world simply cannot work that way. Fundamentally, we all know that things don’t work this way, but we still believe that it’s somehow our fault that all of our hard work hasn’t made us rich or that all of our success hasn’t fulfilled us.

Discover Your Numerology Blueprint
Glynis McCants Conversation with Jessica Ortner
As a very special part of this discussion, Glynis analyzes Jessica’s numbers based on her name and birth date to reveal an incredibly accurate blueprint for Jessica’s personality type and also help her better understand who she is. Once you listen to how Glynis looks at Jessica from a numerology perspective, you’ll be able to apply the teachings to your own life and figure out your numbers. You’ll never look at your name and birth date the same way ever again!

Daily Tools to Create Sanity and Inner Peace
Madisyn Taylor Conversation with Nancy Levin
Madisyn shares her individual strategies and practices for remaining a channel for inspiration, and presents a program of effective tools you, too, can use to stay grounded and in touch with Spirit on a daily basis. Simple, gentle, and easy to implement, this recipe for peace will allow you to restore your soul connection and keep you on track for your own self-healing…each and every day!

The Wisdom of Your Face
Jean Haner Conversation with Nancy Levin
Jean discusses Chinese medicine, Chinese face reading, and the system that uses your birth date to identify who you were meant to be. Through a sample reading with Nancy, Jean shows how every quality has strength and challenges and how to move in harmony with the natural patterns imprinted on your face and in your energy. Ultimately, you’ll learn the importance of relaxing into yourself and trusting the way you are, which will allow your spirit to shine!

Genius Intuition
Peggy Rometo Conversation with John Holland
As Peggy opens up to John about the devastating loss of both of her brothers and her denial of her intuitive gift, she provides practical information about what intuition is, how you can tap into it, and ways to use it in your everyday life. You will learn how to use Genius Intuition to minimize the ego, which often gets in the way of authentic intuitive information by giving you the answer you want instead of the truth. Peggy will also guide you through how to ground yourself to allow for more receptivity, how to make your own mantras such as “simply trust,” and how to interpret intuitive symbols to best understand the answers to your questions.

Animal Soul Contracts: What Your Animals Are Trying to Tell You
Danielle MacKinnon Conversation with John Holland
Danielle explains the many different ways in which our beloved animal companions get their messages across to us, as well as five ways to communicate back to our pets that we’re working on our animal soul contracts. She even takes listeners through a special meditation that will help them gain clarity regarding what, exactly, the soul contract with their pet is. If you have an animal or have had one in the past, this incredible conversation will shed light on why yours may be acting (or did act) in strange ways. Get ready to be amazed!

How to Make Big Changes in Your Life Fast
Ali Campbell Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Ali sets the tone at the beginning of the conversation by saying, “You are only ever one thought away from feeling better.” So if that sparks your interest and you’re ready to learn Ali’s key tools for getting out of your own way and make big improvements in your life with what he calls “effortless effort,” this talk is for you!

Unleashing Your Supermodel Power
Sarah DeAnna Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Listen in as Sarah discusses the Five Keys models use to look fabulous and feel fantastic! In this fun and empowering interview, you’ll learn how to bring self-awareness into your daily life to enhance your beauty sleep, eating regimen, and the other healthy habits that honor your body and help bring out your inner “gorgeous.”

Awaken Your Empathic Abilities: How to Protect Your Energy & Flourish
Judith Orloff, M.D. Conversation with Joan Borysenko
As well as being a psychiatrist, Judith is also an empath, which means that she’s able to sense and pick up on what’s going on inside of other people in her own body. In her words, she’s an emotional sponge who’s able to actually take on what others are feeling. In this special hour, she offers a series of questions to help people understand if they’re an empath themselves, which allows them to further understand the emotions that, up to this point in their lives, may have confused them or caused unexplained anxiety or stress.

The Healing Secret of Innerwise
Uwe Albrecht Conversation with Michael Görden
Uwe Albrecht describes his insights of Energetic Medicine and how you can find ways to balance your life with the help of his Innerwise healing system. He describe his understanding of health and healing and talks about his own search for health, happiness and success, that lead to the development of Innerwise. Further detailed explanations of the working of Innerwise in English are explained by Uwe Albrecht on

I Can See Clearly Now
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Conversation with Reid Tracy
Sharing the concepts of “listening to your excitement” and learning to listen to the higher part of yourself and allow it to guide you to manifesting the life you are destined to lead, Dr. Dyer gives insight into the unseen forces that have affected his life. He also shares his views on the importance of having a secret garden—a place where you can go to get away from whatever you’re doing in order to gain perspective and calm—and how we all have more than the physical body we inhabit.

Shift into Love, Happiness, and Success
Robert Holden, Ph.D. Conversation with Michael Neill
As one of the leading experts on happiness, Robert offers straightforward advice on how to make the shift from self-improvement (perfectionism, “destination addiction”) to self-acceptance. In this thought-provoking interview, Robert shares personal stories from his early work with The Happiness Project; coaching corporate clients and organizations through Success Intelligence; and his latest project, Loveability, a meditation on what makes us lovable. Rather than trying to give and receive more love, he says, we need to be love, and recognize that we are made of love.

Your Mind: The Genie Within
Eldon Taylor Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Eldon draws from almost three decades of research to help us understand what, exactly, is going on “upstairs.” As he says, it’s extremely important for individuals to understand what they believe and why they believe it. In this hour, you’ll learn a process for letting go and overcoming the limiting beliefs that you may have been holding on to for nearly your entire life. Prepare to be amazed, as you’ll never look at your thoughts and your brain the same way ever again!

How to Embrace a More Playful Relationship
Arielle Ford Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Join Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret, as she discusss Wabi Sabi love, or the concept of finding appreciation in the imperfections of a relationship. Arielle shows that there is no perfect relationship, but that any couple can improve theirs if they are willing to look through “the lens of love.” Give up the quest for perfection; focus on giving more; and embrace a playful, wabi sabi loving relationship!

The Healing Power of Mediumship
Gordon Smith Conversation with John Holland
Gordon Smith is interviewed by fellow medium John Holland in this fun and frank discussion about what it means to be a medium and how to develop your abilities, no matter what level you are. You’ll learn why meditation and “sitting in the silence” is so essential to connecting you to your core self, which is the first step in building the trust and self-knowledge that you need to communicate with the spirit world. To start you off on your path, at the end of this interview, Gordon will lead you in a special five-minute “Sitting in the Silence” meditation.

Through Infinite Love & Gratitude
Dr. Darren R. Weissman Conversation with Nancy Levin
Join holistic physician and best-selling author Dr. Darren R. Weissman as he discusses how you can find relief from pain and stress by processing your hidden emotions. In this engaging interview, Darren shares his story of the mystical “download” that led him to develop The LifeLine Technique, the amazing technology bridging over a dozen systems of healing. As an extra-special bonus, you’ll also get a chance to follow along as Darren walks Nancy through the revolutionary See Feel Hear Challenge and experience for yourself the remarkable transformation as it unfolds while you listen!

Harmonizing the Body and Emotions
Soul-Centered Meditation
Sarah McLean Conversation with davidji
Sarah starts off the discussion by recounting her own journey of learning to meditate, before guiding listeners in an “inquiry process” to practice viewing things without preconceptions. She then explains the five essential keys for successful meditation and gives several meditative techniques that you can incorporate throughout your day, not just in formal meditation practice, that can improve the quality of your life. If you’re interested in meditation, or even more peace and calm in your life, you won’t want to miss this!

Past-Life Regression
Mira Kelley Conversation with Nancy Levin
Renowned past-life regressionist Mira Kelley shares her personal story, as well as touching and enlightening stories from her clients, that demonstrate the awesome potential for change when you explore your past lives. Mira also explores concepts such as soul-group agreements, linear and simultaneous time, and parallel lives, and explains what they mean for you. You’ll get the chance to experience it all for yourself as Mira ends the interview by taking listeners on a unique half-hour regression.

Eating Meals That Heal in Order to Balance Hormones, Weight, and Immunity
Julie Daniluk, R.H.N. Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Join nutritionist, popular author, and TV host Julie Daniluk as she discusss how you can use food as the vehicle for healing the body through an anti-inflammatory diet. Rich in content, this dynamic interview focuses not on deprivation, but on experimentation so you learn to be a food “detective” and figure out what works for you. Julie also leads you in a prayer for conscious eating so you can register a mindful meal right as you listen.

Divine Intuition in Everyday Life
Lynn A. Robinson Conversation with John Holland
In this wonderfully informative and fascinating discussion with John Holland, intuitive counselor Lynn Robinson sheds light on the subject of divine intuition and how it can help you create more purpose, peace, and prosperity. In addition to some very interesting personal and professional stories that Lynn shares, she explains her ten tips for a successful life and leads listeners through a meditation for gaining clarity
about a question or issue they’re struggling with. Don’t miss this enlightening hour!

Emotions, Tapping, and Weight Loss
Jessica Ortner Conversation with Nancy Levin
Walking you through three rounds of tapping, Jessica begins to clear away the frustration and anger that often surround weight-loss efforts, and then she addresses some of the blocks you may have identified in your exploration. But above all, she focuses on the importance of self-love and living to your fullest in each and every moment.

Who Am I? Who Are We?: What Science Tells Us about Ourselves and Our World in Crisis
Gregg Braden Conversation with Michael Neill
In this provocative interview, Gregg explores the cutting-edge discoveries in science that have profound implications for how we live our lives, the way we define our relationship to each other and the world around us, and the very future of our planet. You’ll discover the five key false assumptions we’ve all been led to hold as true, and learn how this obsolete thinking has contributed to the many crises we face today—including the breakdown of our economic systems, climate change, vanishing resources, and the wars and disparities of wealth that divide us as nations and as individuals.

Being in Your Wise Mind and Your Most Resilient Self
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Drawing from the teachings of Viktor Frankl, the famous psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Joan shows us that we can dispute our negativity and learn something in every situation that gives us more depth, compassion, and practice in the use of the wise mind. According to her, this has absolutely changed her life, and it will change yours, too. She even offers two meditation/breathing techniques for inhibiting fear and calming down the structures of the limbic system, along with many tips and practical advice!

The Intuitive Body and Its Healing Messages
Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D. Conversation with Jessica Ortner
By comparing the human body to the dashboard of a car, Schulz explains that illness is simply a message—like a “check battery” warning light—that lets you know which area of your life needs attention. Focusing on seven distinct groups of organs—or emotional centers—that are connected by their relationship to certain emotions, Schulz explains common imbalances in each center and the types of actions that can help you remedy them. She shows you that if you listen to your body, you will never be steered wrong.

Diet and Stress: Your Hormones Are What You Eat
Marcelle Pick, MSN, OB/GYN NP Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Marcelle explains, stress isn’t just a problem of the mind; it’s also a problem for our hormones and can wreak major havoc on them. But even simple lifestyle changes can make a significant difference. Through making changes in the way, and in what, we eat, and paying attention to our food sensitivities and allergies, we can reverse the physiological and hormonal changes caused by our day-to-day stress and the pressures we put on ourselves.

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
David R. Hamilton, Ph.D. Conversation with Michael Neill
Have you ever been sick and felt powerless because the countless drugs you’ve tried haven’t worked? Well, according to David Hamilton, Ph.D., there’s another way to get better…and it exists within each of us. Listeners will be amazed as they’re shown how the power of the mind and positive thinking can actually bring about physiological changes through visualization, belief, and affirmations to heal… not to mention cure cancer and diseases, overcome depression, and even bring more happiness and joy to the lives of others.

Infinite Life: Breaking Free from the Terminal Lifestyle
Robert Thurman Conversation with Joan Borysenko
If you’re looking for an introduction to Buddhism, this interview is for you! During this fascinating hour, Dr. Robert Tenzin Thurman spells out his definition of what Buddhism is and how this fits within the context all religions of the world. Despite being the first American ordained as a Buddhist monk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tenzin readily admits that even he is still working on his spiritual practice every day of his life. This unique opportunity to listen to the man who Time magazine has named among the 25 most influential people in America is not to be missed!

Sex + Spirit=Ecstasy
Barbara Carrellas Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Making it clear that ecstasy should not just be equated with sex—it can be found in dance, music, nature, art, acting…anything—Carrellas discusses the importance of these awe-inspiring experiences and offers three practical steps to help you bring more of them into your life. She lays the groundwork for feeling safe and taking risks and giving yourself permission to live the ecstasy that speaks to who you authentically are. She will help you muster the courage to meet your true ecstatic self.

Unlock Your Self-Healing Potential!
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini Conversation with Greg Sherwood
In this captivating interview, Dr. Mancini discusses our innate power to heal ourselves and explains the ways in which our emotions impact our physical health, as well as the role that spirituality plays in effecting positive changes in day-to-day living. He shares practical tools and techniques on reducing stress and anxiety, increasing energy and happiness, and overcoming—and even preventing—illness and disease. In addition, simple tips on meditating and using affirmations show not only how to dissolve conflict and limiting beliefs, but also how to experience greater joy and peace.

A New Vision of Courage, Faith, and Compassion Sharon Salzberg
Sharon Salzberg Conversation with Robert Holden
If you’ve ever wanted to begin a meditation practice but thought that it would be too difficult or that you simply didn’t know what you were doing, this interview will absolutely inspire you to begin today! Sharon instructs listeners on the fundamentals of meditation, which will be beneficial to both those who already have a practice as well as anyone who has never done it before, and describes and demonstrates some of the principles and individual meditation techniques that have been personally beneficial to her.

How to Receive Messages and Learn from Your Deceased Loved Ones
Karen Noe Conversation with John Holland
Have you ever wondered if those on the other side can communicate with us here in the physical world? According to Karen, they definitely can! Listen in as she and John talk about the telepathic and physical signs that we receive from our loved ones who have crossed over. Throughout the conversation, Karen shares her personal stories of receiving signs from friends, family members, and even pets.

Medicine and a Holistic View of Human Life
Otmar Jenner Conversation with Michael Görden
German healer Otmar Jenner explains all diseases have their origin in a sick consciousness. If you want to heal the body, then you have to heal your consciousness first. That is the first motto of the resonance medicine developed by Jenner. Energetic healing, as practiced by him, is the art of letting energy flow in a healing way. Every human being is able to do that – if he really wants it, that is. Jenner talks about carmic causes of deseases and how to overcome them. His own near-death experiences and his long-standing role as a mentor to the terminally ill allowed him to develop songs for the dying based on the “Tibetan Book of the Dead” and he gives an example of one of the songs he performed for an German CD production.

Your Relationship with Your Money Begins with Your Relationship with Yourself
Suze Orman Conversation with Reid Tracy
Internationally acclaimed personal-finance expert Suze Orman shares her personal life, core beliefs, and how her spiritual practices have played a huge role in her career. In this intimate interview, you’ll also hear Suze speak candidly about her relationship with her partner KT, and how she learned to love at the age of 50. In addition, she talks about her personal guru and the spiritual guidance she relies upon in making decisions about her journey.

Meditation, Past Lives, and Relaxation
Brian L. Weiss, M.D. Conversation with John Holland
Join Brian L. Weiss, M.D., as he discusses with John Holland such topics as past-life regression, meditation, reducing stress, and bringing more happiness and joy in our lives. In Dr. Weiss’s unique and calming way, he offers many practical tips and advice, demonstrates a breathing and relaxation technique, and even regresses listeners to a happy childhood memory! This one is not to be missed!

The Power of Prayer and Forgiveness
Immaculáe Ilibagiza Conversation with Nancy Levin
Immaculáe Ilibagiza’s idyllic word was ripped apart in 1994, when Rwanda descended into a bloody genocide that ultimately claimed the lives of more than a million people. Immaculáe found herself immediately going from a college student with “a beautiful life” to an individual who did whatever she had to do to survive. For 91 days, she and seven other women hid in the cramped bathroom of a local pastor’s home while hundreds of machete-wielding killers hunted for them. Her incredible journey will inspire anyone whose life has been touched by fear, suffering, and loss. As Immaculáe says, sharing her story lets others know that there is always hope, no matter what is happening in the world.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
Joe Dispenza, D.C. Conversation with Michael Neill
The bottom line, according to Dr. Joe, is that your personality—how you think, act, and feel—is your personal reality. To manifest a new personal reality, you must begin to examine the thoughts you’ve been thinking, and change them—then you literally become someone else. Dr. Joe explains how you can use the tools of brain science to do just that. The moment you become conscious of the unconscious self, you’re tapping into the operating system where true transformation begins. Step into the river of change and close the gap between thinking and being…

Meditation and Mindfulness
davidji Conversation with Greg Sherwood
davidji shares the facts about meditation’s many benefits (spiritual, physiological, and practical) and offers guidance in how to easily incorporate this practice into any lifestyle, such as through his “16 Seconds to Bliss. “You’ll also hear about the five most common meditation myths, why they’re wrong, and what you can do about them. davidji also leads two very special, powerful meditations. Listen in and let him show you how to combat the effects of stress and the responses of your ego, and learn how meditation can awaken you to the best expression of yourself.

When Love Is Not Enough
Mark S. Husson Conversation with Shelley Anderson
Join Mark S. Husson, one of today’s premier astrologist, as he discusses how Chiron, considered a planetoid and was once the remnants of a comet, fits in with your astrological chart. Learn how our very own Louise Hay is the living embodiment of Chiron. In this fascinating hour, Mark goes through each sign and the different years where Chiron comes into play and explains how it fits in with people’s charts, as well as giving listeners special Chiron affirmations for each Zodiac sign.

Conquer Stress and Burnout with Pure Awareness!
Dr. Frank J. Kinslow Conversation with Jessica Ortner
In this engaging discussion, Dr. Kinslow teaches you how to do Quantum Entrainment in minutes so that you can overcome burnout and create more happiness and harmony. This technique is simple to do and immediately effective, allowing you to dissolve stress and begin healing everything from a broken leg to a broken heart. Dr. Kinslow also shares two additional exercises that help you go deeper, increasing your awareness and uncovering your true nature.

Back to Sanity: Recovering from “Humania” and Finding Inner Peace
Steve Taylor Conversation with davidji
Steve suggests that all humans suffer from “humania,” a sense of inner restlessness and an inability to live in the present moment. He says that in order to fully experience “harmony of being” and leave humania behind, we must break the connection between thought and feeling. Follow along as Steve gives several exercises to help you “disidentify with your chaotic thought chatter” and truly reach your own pure consciousness.

Falling in Love with Your Finances
Kate Northrup Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Kate offers sage advice and specific techniques that will help you redefine your relationship with money. Emotional practices such as facing your “money story,” being honest with yourself about any debts or financial limitations, forgiving yourself and others, and altering self-talk help you reshape your attitude and create positive beliefs about your financial life and about money in general. And exercises that focus on tracking your expenses, paying bills (or, as Kate calls them, “invoices for blessing already received”), allocating funds, and spending in ways that are in line with your values all look at the practicalities of money.

Healing Through Better Communication
Neha Sangwan, M.D. Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Neha explains the interaction between the mind and body, examining the physical cues the body provides, and looks at what this can mean for communication. She also explores in depth the various ways agreements are made, what each means, and what options you have to move forward. She shows just how this tool can help you avoid misunderstandings in both your personal and professional relationships. She also discusses the importance of stopping to think and ask questions, pushing the pause button, and not jumping to conclusions.

The Secret of Body Blessing
Sabrina Fox Conversation with Michael Görden
Our lives greatest gift is our body, if we can learn to accept and to honor this gift. German author and selfhelp teacher Sabrina Fox discusses this central message of her latest book “Body Blessing”. She gives advice to see our bodies in a spiritual perspective and treat it kindly the way it deserves. We have our body as our a gift and the most important support system. Sabrina Fox ends the interview with a powerful Body Blessing meditation including music from famous European musician Anders Holte.

How to Live in Heaven on Earth
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Conversation with Joan Borysenko
Are you interested in learning about what the latest scientific developments are telling us? Well, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., addresses such topics as genetics, biochemistry, quantum physics, and psychology…and what they’re telling us about love, peace, health, stress, and the conscious mind. But don’t be intimidated that you won’t be able to follow such a scientific discussion, since Bruce possesses the gift of being able to explain complex subjects in such a way that virtually anyone can understand.

Faith, Forgiveness, and What It Means to Heal
Iyanla Vanzant Conversation with Michael Neill
In this interview, Iyanla stresses the importance of having a spiritual practice and how immensely difficult healing is without it, and she also talks about the ways that she receives guidance from and communicates with God. In addition, she and Michael share their beliefs on the topic of relationships, and from these insights the lessons on how to love and treat ourselves flow. You absolutely do not want to miss this unique opportunity to listen to Iyanla share her wisdom in such a candid, intimate way!

The Conversation of the Century
Neale Donald Walsch Conversation with Michael Neill
As many people near the end of their lives here on this planet, they look back at all that they’ve created and accomplished and wonder, What was the point? Neale explains that when material possessions, wealth, and social status become objectives in and of themselves, this leads to a very shallow existence. But there is an easier and much more fulfilling way. Discover profound insights and life-changing principles that will create the fulfillment and happiness we’re all seeking.

How to Tune In and Trust Your Vibes
Sonia Choquette Conversation with John Holland
In this fascinating interview, Sonia shares the secrets to six-sensory living. You’ll learn many practical tools and exercises on how to turn on your intuition and make it work for you. Sonia also provides a powerful guided meditation that will help you tap into your Divine force within. As a bonus, you’ll learn ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Trust your inner wisdom, and experience a more authentic, fearless, and joyful life starting today!

The Presence of Love
Gabrielle Bernstein Conversation with Robert Holden
Gabby shares with listeners how to reclaim the presence of self-love, pay attention to the guidance we receive, surrender our fears to a power greater than ourselves, and bringing gratitude and forgiveness into our lives in order to open up to forgiveness. As Gabby tells us, “The presence of love is working on our behalf all the time. We just need to tune in.”

A Medium’s Take on Dying and the Afterlife
Maureen Hancock Conversation with John Holland
Maureen Hancock, author of The Medium Next Door, uses her mediumship abilities in a unique way: to ease the transitions of those about to pass away. She provides answers to their questions about what’s on the other side and who will be there to greet them, and offers comfort to the loved ones they leave behind. Maureen even leads listeners through a powerful meditation that she usually does with those who are close to passing on.

Vianna Stibal Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Vianna goes in depth into the healing power that ThetaHealing possesses, and she even takes listeners through two very moving meditations. A proven healer, Vianna also explains with great clarity what it takes to heal and the common blocks that people encounter as they’re working to heal themselves or others.

The Effects of Childhood Emotional Trauma on Health
Dawson Church, Ph.D. Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Have you ever felt held back by limiting beliefs? Listen in to this interview as Dawson teaches you how to remove these beliefs from your psyche and accomplish your goals. He describes the four basic brain waves and their importance in expressing emotion and accessing creativity—each one can point to a different state of alertness or relaxation. During this insightful discussion, Dawson relays the importance of continually using relaxation techniques to stimulate calming brain waves.

The 7 Keys to Prosperity and Abundance
Joe Vitale Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Best-selling author Joe Vitale, who is also an inspiring teacher and sought-after guest on major television networks, offers his money principles: seven practical, fun, and easy-to-apply steps that will take you from struggle to security and from fear to freedom. Joe explains how to dissolve your negative beliefs about your own self-worth and start cultivating an attitude of abundance. Break free from worry and lack, and take inspired action toward peace, prosperity, and happiness!

Complexion Perfection: Your Guide to Your Skin
Kate Somerville Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Your skin is the first thing that people see about you as well as your body’s largest organ, so its care is important not only for attractiveness but for your health as well. In this interview, Kate Somerville, one of Hollywood’s hottest facialists, teaches you how to care for your skin through all the different stages of life. She offers solutions to the changing concerns you’ll have, from acne and pore size to spots and wrinkles.

Evolution of the Soul
Ilona Selke Conversation with Michael Görden
International author and teacher Ilona Selke talks about our path to develop into multidimensional beings.Trying to use our inherited magical ability of manifestation invariably leads us to discover methods of transforming our blockages, and further leads us to discover the all-powerful connection of our soul to the Source. As a human-being we usually wish to discover the deeper abilities of our soul, and to fulfill our life’s purpose. Ilona explains that our evolutionary path as a human being here on Earth is really multi-fold. She gives us a powerful exercise for realizing our multidimensionality and she talks about her experience of cosmic consciousness she found in communication with the dolphins.

Who Am I?: Breaking Free from the Conditioned Mind
Deepak Chopra, M.D. Conversation with Greg Sherwood
In this enlightening and fascinating conversation, Deepak poses many philosophical questions about what our brains are, who we are, and why we’re asking these questions in the face of what science is now telling us. All of our fears in life can be traced back to the most fundamental one: not knowing who we are. Therefore, the goal of higher states of consciousness and enlightenment is to find our true identity, which is not the mind, body, or environment, but the source of all those things.

The Power in Archetypes
Caroline Myss Conversation with Nancy Levin
New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss discusses the intriguing and powerful world of archetypes. Archetypes are patterns of reaction and thought that are born within you that help organize your life. They determine what and who you’re naturally attracted to, which activities entice you, and which causes you take up.Talking about a wide variety of topics, from intuition to true forgiveness, Myss helps you understand the power inherent in owning your archetypes.

Discovering Your Soul Purpose
John Holland Conversation with Jessica Ortner
If you’ve ever wondered what you might be here on Earth to do, this talk can help you discover just that. Listen in as John gives a simple exercise you can do at home to set you on the road toward finding your true soul purpose. He also gives important advice on the soul senses and how to determine if you are clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clairaudient.

Stories from an Angel Communicator
Kyle Gray Conversation with Nancy Levin
In this intimate interview with Scottish medium Kyle Gray, he describes how his connection as a child with his beloved grandmother continued even after her death, which led to his exploration of his psychic gifts until he became the renowned angel communicator that he is today. He also offers advice on how you can facilitate your own communication with the angels, as well as your loved ones and pets who have passed away. Stay tuned for the angel-card reading Kyle does at the end of the interview especially for his listeners.

Discover Your True Nature Through Forgiveness
Gary R. Renard Conversation with Robert Holden
Gary teaches that our thoughts shape our experiences—not the other way around—and when we realize that, we can reconnect with our spirit, our true nature. Gary shares practical tools and suggestions on ways to shift your perception from separation to oneness. Gary also provides a powerful meditative prayer to help you connect to your spirit. Open yourself up to forgiveness and abundance, and when you do so, profound love and peace follows.

An Introduction to Feng Shui and the Tao Te Ching
Terah Kathryn Collins Conversation with Nancy Levin
Terah Kathryn Collins explains, everything in our environment is talking to us all the time . . . and it’s better if they’re saying nice things! We want them to be inviting us to calm down, meditate, connect with our guides or angels, or have moments of deep introspection. Not only does Terah provide many practical tips and suggestions for bringing more balance into your life, she also does a powerful meditation to create more peace, serenity, and centeredness.

The Power of Human Consciousness and Intention
Larry Dossey, M.D. Conversation with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
Dr. Dossey shares how human intention and prayer (what he also terms “communication with the absolute”) can effect physical change, and how the incredible power of love and compassion can be used to support modern medicine. You’ll also discover the importance of tuning in to your intuition, and learn what practices enhance your natural precognitive abilities. Once we accept that we are all connected at the level of consciousness, we discover the reservoir of collective power, wisdom, and creativity that is available to us.

How to Follow Your Intuition Through Yoga and Win with Ease
Tara Stiles Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Have you thought about trying out yoga but felt intimidated because you didn’t think that you were in good enough shape or couldn’t touch your toes? Well, Tara Stiles unequivocally debunks that myth. As she says, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” Tara describes a few simple poses and breathing exercises to do in the morning that will bring endless benefits to the rest of your day, as well as many other practices that you can apply to your life. She even guides listeners through a meditation!

The Power of You
Mike Robbins Conversation with Greg Sherwood
In this highly informative discussion on appreciation, Mike Robbins discusses with host Greg Sherwood such topics as trusting your intuition, the power of appreciation, and expressing gratitude proactively when there isn’t necessarily a reason to do so. How can we see ourselves in a genuine, authentic, and loving way?

Writing for Your Life: Using Creativity to Reclaim Your Inner Power
Nancy Levin Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Have you suffered a loss or felt the grief of leaving a difficult marriage? Do you feel a need to be perfect, to uphold a mask for the world? If these questions resonate with you, this interview will help you use your own creativity to find a way out of the suffering. Nancy shares her story of going through a painful divorce and leaving behind a life that she thought was all planned out. She discusses how for two years she ignored the writing she had done nearly every day and how abandoning her art left her more alone than ever.

The Meaning of Kundalini Yoga
Sat Hari Singh Conversation with Michael Görden
Sat Hari Singh talks about his commitment bringing the Mantras, Music and scriptures from the science of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, to a broad audience in the west. He explains the workings of mantras and tells the story of the famous YOGI tea, now one of the best known brands for teas and infusions. As a Kundalini yoga teacher he gives insight into the meaning of spiritual teachings, why so many important spiritual teachers have come to us during the last hundred years and claims, that we are all teachers, if we understand our life.


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