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HayHouse Summit 2013: My Top 5

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Update: HayHouse Summit 2014 lineup and Top 5


Full 2013 Speaker Lineup with session descriptions here.

Top 5 HayHouse Summit 2013 sessions – yikes!! This seriously is a toughie because this was an extremely strong lineup of speakers and subjects.  Some are awesome “grounding” sessions i.e. fabulous overviews packing an enormous amount of perspective and current thinking in a nice tight 1 hour segment; while others were more specific subject intensive with cutting edge and comprehensive info.  And then additionally, there were a few sessions that were just plain delightful for the personalities: such as the one with Robert Holden and Michael Neill where they were just laughing at each other so deeply and sincerely that it was a study of joy and presence like you will never learn from words alone!!

What was truly outstanding in this series was the relationships between the hosts and guests. The combination of an expert in his field being interviewed by another expert with both complementary input and provoking questions provides the listener with a very unique opportunity.

To narrow it down, I think I’ll go with the sessions that were simply impactful: be it for provocativeness, for information or simply entertainment! Here we go (click on “Inspire Me” icons for link):

InspireMeMind Over Medicine
Lissa Rankin, M.D. in Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Sharing personal stories and cutting-edge research, Lissa helps listeners learn how to tap into their “inner pilot light,” their source of spiritual energy and vitality. Instead of waiting for a serious illness to occur, they can listen to their body’s “whispers” of what they need for happy and harmonious living. Lissa also reveals her six-step process for self-healing.

InspireMeThe Conversation of the Century
Neale Donald Walsch Conversation with Michael Neill
As many people near the end of their lives here on this planet, they look back at all that they’ve created and accomplished and wonder, What was the point? Neale explains that when material possessions, wealth, and social status become objectives in and of themselves, this leads to a very shallow existence. But there is an easier and much more fulfilling way. Discover profound insights and life-changing principles that will create the fulfillment and happiness we’re all seeking.

InspireMeWriting for Your Life: Using Creativity to
Reclaim Your Inner Power
Nancy Levin Conversation with Jessica Ortner
In this session, Nancy shows extreme vulnerability. She works for Hayhouse, is surrounded by the best wisdom and tools in the world… and yet still, she is afraid to expose any weakness to anyone. In this interview, she discusses the evolution of changing this “dysfunctional independence”: an awesome example for those who see “help” as weak rather than community!
Have you suffered a loss or felt the grief of leaving a difficult marriage? Do you feel a need to be perfect, to uphold a mask for the world? If these questions resonate with you, this interview will help you use your own creativity to find a way out of the suffering. Nancy shares her story of going through a painful divorce and leaving behind a life that she thought was all planned out. She discusses how for two years she ignored the writing she had done nearly every day and how abandoning her art left her more alone than ever.

Nancy is also in my HHSummit ’14 Top 5that audio interview can be found here. She has now begun coaching and published her new book “Jump…And Your Life Will Appear”. Very cool and informative to see/hear a continuation of her personal growth – still with her amazing vulnerability!

InspireMeHungry for Yourself: The Diet You Cannot Afford to Cheat on
Dr. Robin L. Smith in Conversation with Greg Sherwood
Through the retelling of her own horrifying downward spiral into self-deception and gnawing emptiness, triggered by several devastating life events, Dr. Robin gives you practical advice on how to overcome the incessant ache of need, and the hope that you, too, can overcome your hunger. With examples of ways to demystify meditation and a personal narrative that is heartbreaking and inspiring, you’ll find the courage to examine your relationship with yourself and create a recipe for having a full life.

InspireMeEmotions and Health: The Crucial Connection
Christiane Northrup, M.D. in Conversation with Joan Borysenko

Dr. Northrup explains that suffering and disease isn’t an inevitable aspect of womanhood or a fact of aging; rather, the opposite is true! When you identify and use your body’s built-in guidance system, you can learn to heal and flourish. You’ll become healthier, feel more energetic, and even be more creative and productive. Dr. Northrup also guides you through a deep-breathing exercise and offers many tips on self-care, from why it’s vital to start strengthening your pelvic-floor muscles to exploring and embracing your sexuality. Tune in to your body’s wisdom, and know that you deserve to thrive at every stage of your life.

InspireMeThe Intuitive Body and Its Healing Messages
Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D. Conversation with Jessica Ortner
Note: She’s a hoot!! BRILLIANT, awesome, no-crap, to-the-point, user-friendly info — but you know those folks that sometimes just have no social filter, she’s kinda like that! 
Comparing the human body to the dashboard of a car, Schulz explains that illness is simply a message—like a “check battery” warning light—that lets you know which area of your life needs attention. Focusing on seven distinct groups of organs—or emotional centers—that are connected by their relationship to certain emotions, Schulz explains common imbalances in each center and the types of actions that can help you remedy them. She shows you that if you listen to your body, you will never be steered wrong.

[Anyone notice there was 6?!]

And I can’t leave you hanging…
InspireMeShift into Love, Happiness, and Success
Robert Holden, Ph.D. Conversation with Michael Neill
As one of the leading experts on happiness, Robert offers straightforward advice on how to make the shift from self-improvement (perfectionism, “destination addiction”) to self-acceptance. In this thought-provoking interview, Robert shares personal stories from his early work with The Happiness Project; coaching corporate clients and organizations through Success Intelligence; and his latest project, Loveability, a meditation on what makes us lovable. Rather than trying to give and receive more love, he says, we need to be love, and recognize that we are made of love.



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