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Kinda Wanna Coach Full Agenda

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Imagine what it would feel like to jump up excited in the morning because you get to inspire and empower other people to become the greatest version of themselves. You’d have the freedom to create your own schedule, on your own terms while getting paid do the work that’s most fulfilling to you. But before jumping into coaching, how can you know for sure if it’s really right for you? And if it is, what’s the best step-by-step process to actually get started becoming a great coach with a booming business? Do you need to get certified, where do you get your first clients from, and what about that little voice inside that says, “Who am I to coach? – Especially when my life’s not perfect!”

I’m Jacob Sokol, and these are some of the questions I’m asking the world’s leading thinkers, coaches and entrepreneurs in this free virtual conference. Welcome. :o)


Daily VIDEO links have been pulled by owner; I have left pages up for detailed info on individual sessions (click on ‘Day 1’ etc. hyperlinks; or Sensophy’s Official conference agenda here). I have uploaded audio for a portion of the conference and I can upload any others on request (use the ‘Contact Me’ tab above and include speaker name).

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Day 1
♦ I Kinda Wanna Be A Coach Intro with Jacob Sokol
♦ Finding Your Unique Value + Selling with Ease with Nisha Moodley
♦ Mindsets for Building The Company You Wish Existed with Brian Johnson
♦ Getting Started with Andrea Owen
♦ The Power of a Service Mindset with Steve Chandler
♦ Watch Out for Expectation Hangovers with Christine Hassler

Day 2
♦ Creating Trust & Respect with Your Clients with Sean Stephenson
♦ Getting Into a Healthy Relationship with Money with Kate Northrup
♦ How to Ensure Your Biz Makes Money ASAP with Phil Drolet
♦ Creating Your Own Coaching Blueprint with Kate Courageous
♦ How to Know If Coaching is for You with Molly Mahar
♦ Credentials vs. Real Life Experience – What do You Need? with Jenny Blake

Day 3 
♦ What You Need to Know About Coaching with Magdalena Mook
♦ The History Of Coaching & Where It’s Going with Vikki Brock 4:00pm
♦ Making Your Coaching Truly Transformational with Michael Neill
♦ Challenging Clients to Go from Victim to Creator with David Emerald
♦ The Difference Between Coaching & Therapy with Patrick Williams
♦ Finding Your Niche with Barrie Davenport

Day 4
♦ Making A Difference With Your Business with Jeff Klein
♦ What You Need To Know To Start Your Business with Corbett Barr
♦ How to Become Friends with Your Role Models with Scott Dinsmore
♦ How to Start Charging with Jeannine Yoder
♦ A Spiritual Approach to Coaching with Kute Blackson

Day 5
Who’s Your Ideal Client & What’s Your Message? with Tara Sophia Mohr
♦ You’re Not Too Young To Be A Great Coach with Mike Robbins
♦ How to Overcome the “You Can’t Do It” Voices with Elena Brower
♦ Letting Go of Your Self-Doubt to Serve Your Clients with Tripp Lanier
♦ How to Let Go of Anxiety & Self-Doubt with Dr. Eric Maisel

BONUS: Steve Chandler “How To Be A Prosperous Coach” mp3, 1hour
Notes for this session here.



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