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A start…

Whether I want support, education or inspiration, I have favorite sites that continuously serve me well. While I peruse hundreds of blogs and sites, there are some I return to time and time again, and if they can provide you some direction too – AWESOME!!

As well, below I have listed some of the Canadian resources as recommended by our mental health community.

p.s. this page is always a work in progress!

My all-time fave:




First Runner Up:

Marie Forleo:
in particular Marie TV
(watch how she grows her business from older shows to present! Marie is very funny – make sure to see her disco video, usually at the bottom of her website!!)

Second Runner Up:

The Daily Flame: Messages from Your Inner Pilot Light by Lissa Rankin daily flame
Daily email with short inspirational message and quote; samples here; sign up here

Honourable Mentions:

ncludes Brian Johnson’s Philosophers Notes TV (amazing summary of “big Ideas” of hundreds of books!) and Optimal Living 101, both on this youtube link:

Mastin Kipp


The Daily Love (TDL) has re-branded to… the original TDL site was my ‘First Runner Up’ for many years as it used to have awesome guest writers which made it a great “one stop shop” offering a wide perspective. In the re-branding, the blog’s perspective narrowed to be primarily Mastin’s – still hugely valuable, and he has recently re-invigorated his Power + Purpose Podcast series including hugely smart interviews with a fabulous range/caliber of guests!  Mastin may be well back on his way to my Top 2!
You can still visit the old site and here and TDL TV on youtube here (good stuff!)
That’s Mastin and me before kundalini yoga during his Vancouver visit!

Sounds True 
Sounds True has really top-notch content for both consumers and practitioners: it has some of the smartest interviews you will find, predominently because of interviewers like co-founder Tami Simon who just has a knack for asking the questions you and I really want to ask. About 50% of the content is free, and I can find the site hard to navigate sometimes because it is also a store (a good store, with hugely valuable resources/courses!) so the link provided is to the ‘about us’ page, and you can go from there. If you are a coach or therapist, you need to be on this email list for courses.
Sounds True Radio
Sounds True Podcasts/Interviews

More Personal Faves

Hayhouse Authors:Hayhouse Authors
(all are listed on their site, of course, and most have facebook pages)

Heal Your Life: Louse Hay and Multi-Author site

Fave Hayhouse Authors/Speakers Individual Sites:
Robert Holden;  Robert’s Happiness Project 

 Nancy Levin (Nancy has free group coaching calls – excellent!)

Michael Neill  (formerly ‘supercoach’)
Michael Neill’s ‘Caffeine for the Soul’ watch & listen

Cheryl Richardson 

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr Christiane Northrup
see also Christiane’s Women’s Health 

Caroline Myss 

Psychology Today:


GPS For the Soul, Huff Post:

Lissa Rankin:

Deepak Chopra:

Martha Beck:

Debbie Ford:

Maria Shriver/Architects of Change
Architects of Change TV 

All things OPRAH:

Dr. Phil Advice:

Significant Others


A Course In Miracles:

Ted Talks:

Architects of Change TV

Lefkoe Method “Recreate Your Life”
“No Fee” exercise to sample the Lefkoe Method to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs *excellent*

Psychology / Neuroscience

nicabm  National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine

Rick Hanson, Wise Brain Bulletin

Personal Development

Tiny Buddha:

Vivid Life with Iyanla Vanzant:

Byron Katie:

Rhonda Britten:

Danielle LaPorte:

Jacob Sokol “Sensophy” (excellent for Quarterlifers in particular)

Althucher Confidential with James Altucher:

Gabby Bernstein “Spirit Junkie”:

Erica Diamond: 

She Takes On The World with Natalie MacNeil:

When I Grow Up Coach:

Life Tools for Women with Judy Rushfeldt (Calgary)

Soul Biographies, Human Portraits on Film with Nick Askew:

Highly Sensitive / Empath

Dr. Judith Orloff:
Info, tips, strategies for HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person) and Empaths

The Happy Sensitive:
reat site re: HSP, Highly Sensitive Person; “Go from highly sensitive to happy sensitive”

Teal Swan:
Ask Teal:     Blog:

Leading Edge Parenting:
Sandi and Melissa Schwartz, mother-daughter specializing in HSP kids (Melissa, adult daughter, is hsp!)

Relationship / Sex

Allana Pratt:
Intimate conversations

Couples Institute, Relationship Counselling, Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson:


Leading Edge Parenting:
Sandi and Melissa Schwartz, mother-daughter specializing in hsp kids (Melissa, adult daughter, is hsp!)

Money / Entrepreneurial Biz

Nourishment for Money Body Soul with Kate Northrup:


Functional Medicine, Nutrition

Body Ecology with Donna Gates:

Kris Karr:

Psychology of Eating:

Self Nutrition Data:

Fun Blogs

The Art of Manliness with Brett and Kate McKay:

Tech Husband with Forest Linden:

Links Recommended to Me by Respected Others 

…but that I haven’t necessarily check out yet!


Mental Health Education and Support


Mental illness is a growing concern in Canada where

one in five people will suffer from mental illness

in their lifetime. If not you, someone you love, or work with.

To encourage the conversation and learn more about mental health, follow the links below.

These sites will connect users to information on mental health and suicide prevention.

Note:  Many of my clients come to me because they are intimidated by the term: mental health, and therefore will not seek any of the resources obviously attached to this label.  I am happy to be a starting point – perhaps, all you need, but please, do not avoid these other valuable resources.  “Mentalsimply means “of or relating to the mind”, it does not signify any realm of “weak” or “crazy” in the eyes of anyone who matters or will be a true support for you. Our minds are simply another component of our bodies which we must take care of for optimal health, like a prostate or a colon – also not favoured topics by some!
Please, when it comes to any health issues that are causing you question, just don’t go it alone.

INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES (just a few notable links)

WHO | Mental Health – World Health Organization

World Federation for Mental Health | Est. 1948

World Association for Infant Mental Health

IMHRO International Mental Health Research Organization (One Mind Institute)


Know Stigma

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

Canadian Mental Health Association

Kids Help Phone

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Anxiety Panic Support (List of Resources by country)

Suicide and Crisis Hotlines

National Suicide prevention Lifeline

Honouring Life

Mental Health Commission of Canada

The Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Collateral Damage

Your Life Counts

The Jack Project

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (camh; based in Ontario)

Get Help Early (Working Together to Overcome Psychosis)


British Columbiamindcheck

CMHA British Columbia division

Mood Disorders Association of BC

Crisis Centre

Here To Help

Youth In B.C.

MindCheck (very cool site!)

Counselling B.C.

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre (BC’s Information Source for Children, Youth & Families)
604-875-2084  Toll Free: 1-800-665-1822  Crisis Line: 310-6789

BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services (an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority)
604-875-2345, or toll-free (in BC only) 1-888-300-3088

HealthLink BC (24-hour, confidential health information and advice)
Phone: 811  Deaf or hearing-impaired: 1-866-889-4700

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre
Phone: 604-872-3311  Deaf or hearing-impaired: 1-866-872-0113
Confidential, non-judgmental, free emotional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including feelings which may lead to suicide.

Kids Help Phone  Immediate caring support, information and referrals to a local services
Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Youth in BC Distress Line  24-hour distress line staffed by counsellors and trained volunteers
Phone: 604-872-3311

BC Blogs
MAVRIXX is a social enterprise created by Brent Seal to help students, entrepreneurs and young professionals overcome challenges and live great lives through wellness. Great videos by MAVRIXX here.
(OMG this site is amazing, it’s a gallery of thoughts/journaling from students! Video above is from here.)


CMHA Alberta Division

Centre for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Information & Education Services

Healthy Minds, Healthy Children Outreach Service (Alberta Health Services


CMHA Saskatchewan Division

Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service

CMHA Manitoba Division

Manitoba Suicide Line


CMHA Yukon Division
(867) 668-7144

Depression Undersood
(403) 668-9111

Northwest Territories

CMHA Northwest Territories Division
1(867) 873-3190


CMHA Ontario Division

Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention Inc.

Distress Centres Ontario

Atlantic Provinces
My Mental Health


NOTE 22/05/16: Due to changes with OneDrive, I am moving files to alternate storage and thusly sharing links may be temporarily interrupted. Feel free to drop me an email using the ‘Contact Me’ tab, and I will forward you a new link at my earliest opportunity. I anticipate having all links updated by end of June ’16 (there’s a crapload of ’em!!).


These conference links are at the mercy of the producer and vimeo. If the links do not work, chances are that the producer has pulled public access. I do have many of these sessions in mp3, which can be forwarded to you via onedrive or google drive: just contact me with your request!
Also, if page is password protected, simply contact me for access (with page name or link)

> Quarterlife Upgrade   Full Description here.   Day 1 here.
UPDATE 04/16: sorry, vids no longer accessible. Some mp3’s are loaded here, most others available upon request.

> HayHouse Summit 2013   Full Description here
All available in mp3 only. Please email me with specific session request – too many to post!
My TOP 5 sessions here!

> HayHouse Summit 2014   Full Description here
All available in mp3 only. Please email me with specific session request – too many to post!
My TOP 5 sessions here!

> HayHouse Summit 2015   Full Description here
All available in mp3 only. Please email me with specific session request – too many to post!
My TOP 5 sessions here!

> Eating Psychology  Full Description here.  Day 1 here.

> Cubicle Monkey   Descriptions and recordings here.

> Thriving Mamas   Full Description here Recordings here.

> Kinda Wanna Be A Coach  Full Agenda here.  Day 1 here.

> Attract Your Soulmate 2016  Full Agenda here.  Audio here(audio files for 2016/17 are in the same folder)

> Attract Your Soulmate 2017 Full Agenda here.  Audio here. (audio files for 2016/17 are in the same folder; 2017 live link June 20-30)

> Open Yourself to Success NOW! Robert Holden, 2018 (4-part promo for course; contact me for password)

> Conscious Uncoupling 2017 (contact me for password)


NOTE 22/05/16: Due to changes with OneDrive, I am currently moving files to alternate storage and thusly ‘sharing’ links may be temporarily interrupted. Feel free to drop me an email using the ‘Contact Me’ tab, and I will forward you a new link at my earliest opportunity. I anticipate having all links updated by end of June ’16 (there’s a crapload of ’em!!). Susan

Misc. Webinars list click here

Origins Movie click here
Tapping Movie click here
The Connection click here
The Truth About Cancer here (9- 1hr episodes + 2 Q&A segments)
Thyroid Secret here (8 episodes + 1x Success Stories + 1x Hashimotos Deep Dive + 1X Q&A segment)

FMTV Movies:
E-motion click here
Moldy click here
Hungry for Change click here
Food Matters click here
Open Sesame click herect

Movies available upon request:
10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace (Wayne Dyer)
Abundance Code
A Class Divided
Bible Health Secrets (1,2,5,6,7,Q/A; missing 3,4)
The Broken Brain
Circle of Poison
Diet Against Disease (2017)
Everything You Want: The Law of Attraction in Action (Esther Hicks)
Fat Sick Nearly Dead
The Forever Wisdom Of Dr Wayne Dyer
Greatest Teacher
Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine
Healing Miracle: The Truth About Stem Cells (Jeff Hays, 2018)
Importance of Being Extraordinary (Eckhart Tolle)
iThrive! Rising from the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity (2017)
Joe Cross
Life Is Short, Wear Your Party Pants
Live Life, Feel Better
May I Be Frank
Miso Hungry
Moses Code
Next To Normal (original Broadway cast 2010; from an iphone – but not bad!)
Power of Intention
Vaccines Revealed
Christ Revealed
GMO’s Revealed
Sacred Plant
Science of Miracles
Truth About Vaccines (2017)
Truth About Pet Cancer
You Are Stronger Than You Think
You Can Heal Your Life
Who Is Asking: Who Am I
NOTE: you may need to provide me an “upload folder” e.g. googledrive folder & password, as these files are large and many are 9 episodes!

Deepak/Oprah Meditations click here (links to twelve 21-day series)
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