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Inspiration Null


I simply have not had any inspiration to blog.

Hmm.  Just reading that sentence back: I know that’s not even slightly true. I think perhaps I’ve had way too much inspiration… and maybe simply not the energy to use it. Ever feel that way?

I felt that way A LOT when I was “awakening”- my term (and others’) for disengaging the auto-pilot switch powering perceptions of what life was suppose to be. Until my 30’s, school, jobs, money, relationships were programmed as “what life is”, not as I see them now: optional tools for me to explore the expansive and textured facets and depths of life – a wholly more fulfilling existence!! As I awoke to a consciousness that how I was living my life did not match my instinctual feelings both about the intent of life and the gifts I was here to offer, well… it was simultaneously excruciating and intriguing; confusing… and CRYSTAL clear.

My “revival” was infectiously stimulating; I found books, I found teachers, I found my intuition: inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! And then I found: overwhelming exhaustion. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Physically. Tons of inspiration… and no energy to use it.

be-you-role6It’s a lifelong process, growing your YOU-ness. A zillion things contribute to each of our journeys… no right, no wrong: just real life requiring a series of “course-corrections” (as life-coach Nancy Levin so validatingly puts it). Gratefully, as I began to connect with my “self” during those highly transformative third-life years, I naturally gravitated towards people, perspectives and activities that literally fueled my spirit. And though it took some blind faith as I navigated a whole lot of new folks, the more time I spent in “like-mindedness”, the more the scales of endurance and joie-de-vivre balanced. I found the key to perpetual energy: my ME-ness.

So today, as I take a hard look at my I’d-rather-have-dental-surgery feelings re: “inspiration” and the many failed attempts at writing this blog, I finally hear the proverbial bell clang way, WAY loud, and the bell tolls for thee… er, me… oh whatever:

Could I be further awakening??

Ahhh…(ding ding ding) me thinks so!!!For Whom The Bell Tolls

Tired: check  
 Profound yet equal frustration with life and intrigue for life: check 
Feelings of confusion… but a sense of absolute clarity: check and check.

Yup. More awakening.

As mentioned in past posts, it’s now well over a year since my Mom passed. I had no idea how that experience would play out in my life.  You can read more here, but in brief: emotionally and spiritually, the passing of one of the people I love most dearly in this life was… light– if not actually: fulfilling! WHEW, eh?!  As time goes on, it’s been more clear that instead of the classic “pain” of loss (a pain which I absolutely have experienced in the past and so have good reference for), with Mom’s passing, I felt more of an energy drain. Listless… flat: limited highs and lows… and NO time at all for drama and bullshit.

Which… actually makes perfect sense, when you think about it: Mom’s love, hugs and love-yourself-core-3chats were a consistent, reliable fuel for my spirit since inception- and unconditional love fills you up.  Now, in the transition period since her loss, the needle drops below full: just enough to choke my energy lines and threaten a stall. Re-sourcing said fuel, after decades of simply satiating in the ever-present Mom-flow, requires a new and deeper awakening. Core deep. And though “deep” is a word often conjuring weighty feelings of seriousness or complication, here: it feels far-and-away more simple… and more peaceful. Because now, what I know from my life journey so far is that, as my AUXILIARY (and much valued) love-fuel lines fluctuate, my INHERENT ones are primed to do the job they could… should… and actually were doing all along – had I stilled more often and truly took awareness and ownership of my own power:
Drive life from the depth of my soul- beyond the clutter of reactionary, inauthentic “expectation”.
Own it.
Show it.
Live it.
And to no surprise, this totally fits my life’s overall experiential pattern:
the more depth i.e. ME-ness I concede, the simpler life is.

Ahhhh…. and the SIMPLICITY of life is INSPIRING beyond words! I suppose to really make that point, I should stop writing here. 


choice-consequenceBut I need to connect a few dots. There are life experiences whose only job is to get us to stop and check in with our values, priorities and actions. What are you here for… what do you want – how do you want to do it?? Death is a pretty overt pivotal experience for folks, but really, the impetus could present much more covertly: yelling at baristas, clutter, Candy-Crush marathons, keeping money you just found in the mall, resenting friends’ holiday pics or new homes, dreading Monday mornings – not to mention health flags like chronic backache, IBS… some think even cancers. […Or pain, anger, disillusionment in humanity from an election??*]

You are responsible for you.
 Could being pissed at a botched Starbucks order really be a CRITICAL life “pivot-point?
 And what’s TRULY the culprit for my lethargic ” lack of inspiration”…

Who Do You THINK You Are?

TED 2014

TED Art installation at the Vancouver Convention Centre: Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks. Photo: Ema Peter  See ‘Quotes” for video or article here.

I just attended some of the TED Talks* in Vancouver – ever watched them on youtube or If not: get on it!!

TED stands for technology, entertainment, design, and it is a forum for some of the foremost thought-leaders in the world. Not necessarily the folks that you already know speak here- though there are a lot of familiar names, but rather a lot of everyday folks that are doing some cutting-edge research or taking against-the-grain risks to move their area of expertise or passion in a new or greater direction. (FYI 2014 did include well-knowns: Bill & Melinda Gates, Sting – ya, that Sting… TV personality Charlie Rose… shooting victim and former member of the U.S. House of Representatives Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly… Eat, Pray, Love‘s Elizabeth Gilbert… Edward Snowden – if you don’t know who he is GET OFF THE COUCH!!) 

Jason Webley

“I was excited they booked me to perform, until I saw it was in the session called ‘Why?’…” @jasonwebley at #TED2014 ◦   “If we aren’t actively in love with our existence, what good is any of this other stuff? Are we conspiring to be part of the magic or just making more crap? I ask myself this everyday!”

Some TED talks, like the musician I loved, Jason Webley, are simply validating that there are different ways to live life – and that “success” is not about having everything figured out in a big plan and checking the next thing off the list: ebbing and flowing is a very real way of happy, healthy successful living!!  Each TED presenter has 18 minutes or less to share what they want to share with the world: TED does not censor. Webley, questioning being selected as a presenter, had one of the best messages that I personally heard in the TED Talks this year: that of the power of vulnerability.  Most of his 18 minutes was spent offering up two original songs, however, the few spoken words that he did share are the ones I remember most today (and I loved how he kept telling the galvanized crowd: quiet, quiet – I have limited time… shh shh..shhh… quiet – I gotta say something!!).  It was less about the actual words- although they were poignant, to the point and powerful, and more about the fact that he shared what he shared: essentially about following his heart, inherent gifts, and intuition without an anticipated/known outcome; and taking a breather when he felt disillusioned/lost/unclear about both the path he was on and the one to take next.  You could hear his commitment to his soul, however he acknowledged being completely plan-less and somewhat fearful about the future. A TED Talker!: one of the most prestigious and internationally celebrated, respected, admired, sought-after-for-inspiration person has no idea what he’s doing – – just like most of us, just like most of the other TED speakers on some realm. Clearly, he’s living consciously enough to be able to share his vulnerability on a global stage – and authenticity is a key definition of success in my books.  Jason: you fully delivered on a pivotal TED goal- you inspired me.

TED Talks IdeasThe attention and interest garnered from these presentations is often the catalyst for entire movements and/or major funding to get brilliant ideas moving forward: things as universally influential as facebook and google… to the brainscience and genetic profiling of autism… to a solo accordion performance in an Indian slum that brought people of different cultures, different languages, different political beliefs, locking arms, laughing, singing a song – together .

A lot of what I heard stimulated a whole new conversation in my mind about all of the ways and places our thoughts affect not just ourselves, but each other… and ultimately the world!!! Hugely inspiring… but not necessarily news to me – it’s basically what I’ve been Epigeneticspreaching throughout this little run of posts on thought: how our thoughts/beliefs, thus perspectives, thus habits, thus actions affect individuals, families, societies, nations – heck, even our species, so the new brainscience says! And it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that globally, things – they are a changin’!  Leaders in all realms of life – science, spirituality, education, and of course, Technology, Entertainment, Design are of a common mind generally: that societies have been too rigid in defining and creating systems based on limited definitions of success and valued contribution, where in fact, both of these things need to be malleable to include not only strengths and limitations of geography and economies, but also those of individuals in their domain of choice. “Happy people make the best of everything”!

Sir Ken Robinson, an advocate of more “self” centered education, spoke in Vancouver this year – he was recognized for holding the record number of “hits” for his past presentations at TED. In one of his talks, Sir Ken referenced why in fact the current education model, based heavily on academics, light on arts, is the way it is. Wholly paraphrasing: they didn’t need so much humanities skills during the Industrial Revolution, the era in which most children were finally attending school. Kids kid labourat that time needed to be learning maths and sciences and trades skills that helped them enter factory jobs, design or maintain machinery, and create systems-based business: families, societies, countries depended on this knowledge for decades. As economic centers changed though, school curriculums did not. As social class systems abated, the financial and prestige-based definitions of success permeating our schools have not; and kids have not felt free to explore their given talents and passions without the fear that they are sacrificing secure financial futures.  (Okay – I’m past paraphrasing, well into editorializing!!)  In our recent climate, it’s been all about technology… slowly morphing now though to include philosophy, psychology, spirituality, arts – because we are so burned out from focusing on industry and technology that our bodies, minds and worlds are simply not functioning practically! The social sciences and arts- not law degrees, are bringing us back our sanity, health, and clear vision to make more balanced and wise choices! Finally we’re recognizing that those of us with skills, talents, passions outside of the economic “flavour du jour” add essential value to life. You – with the law degree: you need us!

Sir Ken Robinson

I said I’d do a few more posts on “thought” before tacking to a new subject… but man did this conference provoke that there’s a lot more cool crap I could cover – and will, at some point! This week’s featured article continues with DIY ideas on mastering your thoughts… another step to becoming my definition of TED: totally engaged dude [dudette]!

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Check out Quotes Archive 2014  (about half way down!) for Sir Ken’s TED Talk.

How Do YOU Measure Up?

compare orange

Well, first question is: How do you measure measuring up?

Second question: Why?

There are indeed very valid reasons for “measuring” ourselves in life. A look at human or societal  “norms” is quite useful in setting personal ambitions; however, the dominant measuring standard should be our own selves – and according to our own goals.

We have evolved, sadly, into a society of comparison for ego’s sake and entirely fabricated definitions of “status”; and it is undoubtedly my biggest life pet peeve. We’re born unique and happy – and then very quickly, we are pitted against each other. The how is fairly simple to dissect, and with motivation and time (lots of time!), I have faith in a course-correct; but the WHY? Seriously: WHY???

“To love is to stop comparing.” Bernard Grasset

How to shift this useless and loveless comparison nonsense? One step at a time, starting with you. Here’s some food for thought:

The Losing Game

By Sonya Derian

Comparison: joy thief.

Take a moment to think of a time when you compared yourself to another person, where you were the one on the LOSING side; maybe you were comparing yourself physically, comparing intellects, speaking ability – whatever.

Think of that moment, and take a minute to notice how it feels in your body. It doesn’t feel very good right?

Now, take a moment to think of a time where you compared yourself to someone else, and you came out on TOP; how does that feel in your body?

Maybe it feels a little better… or maybe not at all. That’s because viewing life as a competition, where you have to constantly be better at whatever — how you look, how you parent, how you write — doesn’t feel very good.

In essence, comparing yourself to others is ALWAYS a losing game.

We all do it – or have done it, at some point in our lives: we compare ourselves to others and gauge where we are based on what we observe them to be doing.

If this was simply an observation, that would be one thing, but in comparing ourselves to others, we often end up judging ourselves: and there’s no worse judge!

If you have ever noticed, it doesn’t matter how many people are on your side, cheering you on: if you can’t get on your own side, you never get past “go”.

The thing about comparison is that there is never a win. How often do we compare ourselves with someone less fortunate than us and consider ourselves blessed? More often, we compare ourselves with someone who we perceive as being, having or doing more: and this just leaves us coming up short.

compare gates

But our minds do want to quantify; our minds want to rank and file and organize information. Our mind wants to know where we fit into the scheme of things: we need to give it something to do. So, instead of training it to stop comparing altogether, why not simply re-direct the comparison to a past and a present self—and keep the comparison within?

We are always becoming more. Who you are today is a result of the decisions you made yesterday. We are always in a state of creation. We decide – and then we decide again; and the direction is always toward expansion. It is our human nature to expand.

compare to no one

So, when you catch yourself comparing yourself to another: stop for a moment and re-direct the thought. Instead of submitting to the temptation to compare yourself to someone else, ask yourself a few questions, instead:

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