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Highly Sensitive Information

Breaking up with winter.Did you manage a little break since we last visited? Hope so. Downtime is so important in our lives and a major contributor to us actually reaching our desires and goals.
I had a nice little break in December: my family celebrates Christmas and we are in between cycles of wee ones… so less Santa and more sauvignon! A few family challenges in the meantime (blogworthy), thus my late post…but I’m going to run with it anyway! 

December 22/14 was my celebratory day of this past holiday season: the magical date the winter days begin getting longer. YAHOO! Anyone else get SADS, seasonal affective disorder syndrome? Tons of folks do: as much as one in 7 of the North American population. I feel it big-time, predominantly in energy but also in mood. I can change on a dime when the sun or even a bright sky greets me in my day. I’m so glad I clued into this early in life: for me, it definitely requires managing. Sometimes diet, exercise, lightboxes, and Invincible Summercapitalizing on my high-energy peaks is enough to maintain a productive and happy winter; sometimes I might need a prescribed kick-start of happy hormones – and I am happy to share with y’all that I might use an anti-D for a while when my other options aren’t quite enough: simply because I can tell CLEARLY the difference it makes for me. I’ve dethroned any archaic and narrow-minded stigmas and taken control of my life: I’m not going to spend 4 months of my year in a sleepy fog (anymore!!). I do my best to use my body’s natural talents, but after several years of experimenting, I know now that my body can only do so much. If I lived in Yuma, AZ my body might be perfectly adequate, but let’s face it, I live in Vancouver Canada and the sun is a fairweather relative: making half-assed attempts to visit all year but dominating my deck all BBQ season! I excitedly await the butt-end of winter and increasing natural daylight to liberate my stifled soul! I do like winter hats better though.

I’ve been reading through the flood of new-year ideas that have come my way from the many different sources of self-growth, needless to say, Yogi’s have quite a different take on how to move your year and life forward than does career-focused Linkedin or brain specialist Dr. Daniel Amen. As I thought about what to write for my first blog of ’15 my head went immediately to my clients in 2014: what were the dominant themes, the common challenges?? Quite a lot, actually, spawning some previous posts re: school systems, society, and parenting! (I resolved all of that didn’t I?!) But the one ideal that cropped up most frequently was the deeply inbred sense that:Intuition is a gift


WE ARE NOT!! Borrowing from Einstein’s saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”,  in the case of people: birthing genetically completely different specimens and raising them in completely different circumstances and expecting them all to be fundamentally the same… care to finish that thought? It’s INSANE!!

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

― Albert Einstein

One of the least acknowledged or respected human differences is our “sensitivity” in terms of how our own personal brain, nervous system and bio-chemistry manifest our physical/emotional responses. Most of my clients are blank when I bring awareness to their sensitivity levels… and then as the concept resonates I get great satisfaction watching the sensitive smella-ha moment building… and then the doh moment, as everything is starting to make perfect sense! (I witness this a lot as highly sensitive folk are more prone to explore consciousness and a greater meaning to their life… and seek out like-minded people!) The validation can be life-changing – but ideally, should be unnecessary. I’ve written about it before, and I will certainly write about it again!!

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