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Who’s Thinking Your Thoughts?

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New Year – same old “thought”.

Yup, we’re still gonna think about thought in these next few posts: the goal is definitely to refresh them, though – make no mistake about that!!  It is my personal belief that our thoughts are the primary key to a peaceful life; so the more we understand them, the more we can make sure they work for us!

They are weird little things to be sure, thoughts are. As I research the perspectives, psychology and neurology on what thoughts are, how they invade our feelings, how they manipulate our actions (choices?), the volume of information and potential for complication seems endless. And yet, the reality is, the more I learn, the more I see how simple thought really is at its core. Thought  is designed to facilitate survival and the manifestation of the gifts of our “true being” (the archetype we are inherently born as).  Not much more!!  All of the judgements, rules and ego-based fears that we adapt throw poor old thought way, way, way off course from its steady and inspiring simple path of our lives. I’m glad to be learning all of this cool stuff about thoughts – it’s just plain interesting, but I am no longer in search of any definitive conclusions or sure-fire control methods. I accept the simplicity of thought’s intent – awareness; and learning more just helps me disentangle some of the outmoded beliefs and patterns from my life, and manage my emotions and choices in a more fitting way.

Who am I - really!I remember my therapist long ago introducing the concept of the “judge and jury in my head”, in reference to the power of thoughts; many therapists also refer to “the committee”. It was an eye-opening time.  My original take on this was mostly about the negative influence of thought: inner critics and limiting beliefs. I am now aware of many angles of thought: from experience, intuition, inspiration, entertainment and even protection. That’s not to say I am aware of ALL thoughts, however, some are still pretty darn sneaky and hide quite stealthily!  When I read the following Huff-Post blog about the many stages of life from which our thoughts can be born or molded, it brought another interesting thing to consider. Do our thoughts automatically modify as we learn things: does auto-correct make a “save” in the original file; or is a “save-as” done, in which case we still have to choose the right file? My guess is both things are true and that’s why we repeat some of our already-should-have-learned lessons!

It’s a fun read – see what you think!

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What Are These
Thoughts in My Head…
and Where Do They
Come From??

Robert C. Jameson  Huffington Post

A reader writes:  “I always seem to have these voices going on in my head. One says I should do this. Another says I should do something else, and then a third voice comes out of nowhere saying I should do something entirely different. What do I do? I often feel confused and distracted. I feel like I’m being pulled in a dozen directions all the time. I feel like I’m going crazy.”

Does this sound familiar to you?

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