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Fifty Shades of HSP

Too sensitive?

Are you feeling just a wee bit of empathy for that sad, lonely little pin? If so, chances are you’re HSP… and/or a marketer’s dream!!! Come on folks: it’s a PIN!  But if you’re like me: I had an immediate physical ‘sensory’ reaction.

[……. spawning an emotional backstory involving other pin-people that are greatly affecting Pokey’s life… and not for the better: he definitely needs a mentor!!]

And I’ll call my shrink: HE??!
Well, I can’t help it – and neither can you if this pic triggers your emotions in any way.

So many of you resonated with the posts on HSPs (highly sensitive person) and how it is biologically driven moreso than conditioning. Without a mainstream understanding of this, many of you – us – have felt “different”: flawed, lacking; confused by our heightened sensories; painfully suppressing emotions; labelled introverted, shy, weak, wimpy or the incredibly condescending: OH, YOU’RE JUST TOO SENSITIVE!!! You just might be über sensitive, but that’s your calling-card: part of your identity to develop and use to your greatest life.

What’s really interesting, both from blog comments and conversations I have in general, is the number of folks that need their self-image and life to fit into a perfectly defined BOX with the duly assigned bow. Case in point, this comment in an email “Kelly2.0” wrote me:

“I thought I was right-brain, based on the criteria,  
but I’m definitely a list-maker and a planner– so I guess I’m not.”

And my client, let’s call him “Jack”, a very social, life-of-the-party type of guy, was puzzled – almost offended, when I suggested he may want to read a bit about ‘introvert’ tendencies, snickering disdainfully…

Me. Introvert. I don’t think so”.

Rather, Jack was convinced he had depression: because he regularly locked himself in his room for dark, quiet solace- often for days. Both of these folks had clearly misinformed ideas, and were looking at “definitions” far too linearly.

I'm with stupidI want to make it perfectly clear: all of these human “labels” such as introvert, extrovert, HSP, left-brain, right-brain ARE ALL JUST GUIDANCE – clues if you will, to help us understand ourselves a little better; to know that most of our tendencies are normal, and that there are other folks out there (like: MILLIONS!) with idiosyncrasies just as “crazy” as yours and mine! Naming characteristics and behaviours and “grouping” them simply makes it easier to communicate; and greatly benefits professionals to make some relative sense as they’re doing their jobs.  Just like rules: these “categorizations” too, are meant to be broken.

HUMAN BEINGS are on a gray-scale pretty much in every single thing about us: you might have more of something, less of something else; fit clearly into one group description, or fall flatly in the middle of two. I might be a “woman”, but I do not have the same DNA as any other woman on the planet Unique blends(if my parents can be trusted!). You haven’t the foggiest if I was born with a uterus; and my nether parts may biologically include a penis: am I still a woman? My assertiveness is chronically attributed to being a ‘fiery redhead’: there must be something pretty potent in Feria #74 – I’m a brunette! I have categorically green eyes, but their custom tones reflect colours from hazel to blue, depending on my shirt. (Sigh, my bio-family has called me blue-eyed my whole life!). I’m right-handed: but waterski and snowboard “goofy”*. I have 7,499,488,203 freckles. It’s summer: that could change.  My chromosomes put me in the general category of “female”, but as any other “female”: my own customized version. “Sensory” and sensitivity falls equally in the ingredients list of “being human”: how it functions and manifests for each of us will be on a gray-scale too.

As with everything in life, the golden ticket (as stated in the last HSP blog) is simply: AWARENESS. The more you know yourself, identify and respect your different shades, the better you can choose and navigate your path. Knowing you’ll never exceed 5’1″ will most likely save time when considering an NBA career (…and heartache… and your knees).  Knowing you feel pain and empathy for a pin, will most likely save time when considering a nursing** career (…and anxiety… and pharmaceuticals).  Having an understanding of what might be biological, what might be learned, and how to manage and monopolize on both gives tremendous personal power.

50+ Shades of You

READ ON: Kelly2.0 and “Jack’s” – AND MY
misunderstandings about “sensitivities”


Speaking of monopolizing on sensitivity…
Check out Ariana Page Russell and her “Skin Art”:
Use your sensitivities!!“My skin is very sensitive and I blush easily. I have dermatographia, a condition in which one’s immune system releases excessive amounts of histamine, causing capillaries to dilate and welts to appear (lasting about thirty minutes) when the hypersensitive skin’s surface is lightly scratched. This allows me to painlessly draw on my skin with just enough time to photograph the results. Even though I can direct this ephemeral response by drawing on it, the reaction is involuntary, much like the uncontrollable nature of a blush.”
Sensitivity at its most literal… but uniquely Ariana’s to use!

Highly Sensitive Information

Breaking up with winter.Did you manage a little break since we last visited? Hope so. Downtime is so important in our lives and a major contributor to us actually reaching our desires and goals.
I had a nice little break in December: my family celebrates Christmas and we are in between cycles of wee ones… so less Santa and more sauvignon! A few family challenges in the meantime (blogworthy), thus my late post…but I’m going to run with it anyway! 

December 22/14 was my celebratory day of this past holiday season: the magical date the winter days begin getting longer. YAHOO! Anyone else get SADS, seasonal affective disorder syndrome? Tons of folks do: as much as one in 7 of the North American population. I feel it big-time, predominantly in energy but also in mood. I can change on a dime when the sun or even a bright sky greets me in my day. I’m so glad I clued into this early in life: for me, it definitely requires managing. Sometimes diet, exercise, lightboxes, and Invincible Summercapitalizing on my high-energy peaks is enough to maintain a productive and happy winter; sometimes I might need a prescribed kick-start of happy hormones – and I am happy to share with y’all that I might use an anti-D for a while when my other options aren’t quite enough: simply because I can tell CLEARLY the difference it makes for me. I’ve dethroned any archaic and narrow-minded stigmas and taken control of my life: I’m not going to spend 4 months of my year in a sleepy fog (anymore!!). I do my best to use my body’s natural talents, but after several years of experimenting, I know now that my body can only do so much. If I lived in Yuma, AZ my body might be perfectly adequate, but let’s face it, I live in Vancouver Canada and the sun is a fairweather relative: making half-assed attempts to visit all year but dominating my deck all BBQ season! I excitedly await the butt-end of winter and increasing natural daylight to liberate my stifled soul! I do like winter hats better though.

I’ve been reading through the flood of new-year ideas that have come my way from the many different sources of self-growth, needless to say, Yogi’s have quite a different take on how to move your year and life forward than does career-focused Linkedin or brain specialist Dr. Daniel Amen. As I thought about what to write for my first blog of ’15 my head went immediately to my clients in 2014: what were the dominant themes, the common challenges?? Quite a lot, actually, spawning some previous posts re: school systems, society, and parenting! (I resolved all of that didn’t I?!) But the one ideal that cropped up most frequently was the deeply inbred sense that:Intuition is a gift


WE ARE NOT!! Borrowing from Einstein’s saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”,  in the case of people: birthing genetically completely different specimens and raising them in completely different circumstances and expecting them all to be fundamentally the same… care to finish that thought? It’s INSANE!!

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

― Albert Einstein

One of the least acknowledged or respected human differences is our “sensitivity” in terms of how our own personal brain, nervous system and bio-chemistry manifest our physical/emotional responses. Most of my clients are blank when I bring awareness to their sensitivity levels… and then as the concept resonates I get great satisfaction watching the sensitive smella-ha moment building… and then the doh moment, as everything is starting to make perfect sense! (I witness this a lot as highly sensitive folk are more prone to explore consciousness and a greater meaning to their life… and seek out like-minded people!) The validation can be life-changing – but ideally, should be unnecessary. I’ve written about it before, and I will certainly write about it again!!

Next: Are you HSP? Is it a good thing, a bad thing? Take the test! (page 2)

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