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Bruce Lipton: Epigenetics
The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine
New Brain Science Series
Feb. 2014

How Fear and Negativity Play a Role in Our Genetics
How Our Experiences Affect Our Cells, Our DNA, and Our Brain’s Development
Why Your Genes Do What They Do: From Experience, to Brain, to Biology
The Brain during the First 7 Years of Life
Programming the Brain In Utero: Why “Emotional Chemistry” Is Important to Development

Bruce will also explain how the brain affects the makeup of your blood, and why that can play such an important role in keeping your cells (and body) healthy. Be sure not to miss it.

Norma T. Hollis: Nurturing Your Child’s Spirituality
Successful Kids Revolution Series
Feb. 2014

What if the Path to Success for Your Kids was All About Their Spirituality? Discover How to Nurture the Essence of Your Child!

  • The role authenticity plays in your child’s self-esteem and success
  • The 3 distinct voices we all have and the importance of nurturing this in your children
  • What homo-luminous is and how this will help you to understand your child’s spirit
  • How raising your children to get a job is actually taking them away from their innate spiritual gifts
  • What parents and teachers can do when they are not ‘liking’ the energy of their child
  • The reason most children do not fulfill their true potential and how to change this
  • And so much more!

Norma T. Hollis is an advocate for children’s spirituality. Known as America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor(r), Norma helps parents fulfill their role as authentic parents by helping them identify and develop the spiritual gifts and natural talents of their children.

After receiving degrees in early childhood education and educational administration, she spent 20 years directing early childhood programs, most notably Head Start.

Norma is a pioneer. She developed and operated an early intervention program that evaluated young children in multiple learning areas and assisted parents to overcome potential learning difficulties. She initiated a Sunday preschool program for her church, then served as the early childhood consultant for an Archdiocese in Los Angeles. Norma introduced families to the labyrinth experience, which is a spiritual walking and meditation tool, and made particular note of the way children approach and enjoy the labyrinth.

She has written numerous articles, audio programs and spoken at conferences that support children’s spirituality.

Tara Taylor: Raising Intuitively Connected Kids
Successful Kids Revolution Series
Feb. 2014

Do you want to help your intuitive child cope in this world?
Understand your intuition and raising your intuitive child!
Join Me as I Talk with Tara Taylor, Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Teacher!

  • How to understand your own intuition
  • Tools to support your kids spiritual abilities
  • How to tell the difference between inner guidance and ego
  • Activities to use at home and in the classroom to honor the inherent needs of today’s highly sensitive children
  • What to do if your teen is struggling and what it really means
  • And so much more!

Tara Taylor is an internationally renowned intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, Hay House author and advocate for love. She is also an expert in the connections between ego, emotions, and intuition, who has helped thousands of adults and teenagers.

She has been featured internationally in newspapers, radio and television and has helped many people through her workshops, seminars and public speaking on the difference between the higher self and the ego. Co-author of HayHouse Publishing’s first YA Series “Through Indigo’s Eyes” and “Becoming Indigo” (both International Amazon Best Sellers).


Misa Hopkins:  Emotional Healing Through the Power of Sound
Successful Kids Revolution Series
Feb. 2014

Have you been wondering how to help your empathic, sensitive child be with their overwhelming emotions?
Would you like to regenerate your and your child’s sense of personal power?
Join Me as I Talk with Misa Hopkins, life-long student of Sacred Sound!

On This Call You Will Learn:

  • The important role our own voices play in naturally healing today’s empathetic children
  • How anyone can easily tap into the power of their own voice to bring about deep healing
  • How to use sound to help relax, ground and center your kids
  • Why sound is much more effective than words in helping kids to release stress, anxiety and even trauma
  • And so much more!

Misa Hopkins is a life-long student of sacred sound. She has shared sound medicine techniques with hundreds of alternative healing practitioners for over 15 years. After years of study and apprenticeship in her Native tradition, she began offering a Song Questing ceremony to individuals drawn to the mystical power of sacred sound. She now offers sound healing concerts in-person, audio CDs for healing, and her Sound Healing Audio Course is being used by students around the world.

In her best-selling book, “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything,” Misa demonstrates the power we have to transform our emotional stress and physical illnesses into opportunities to create inner peace, healing, and conscious awakening.

As a former Special Education teacher, Misa has a sensitivity to children and teenager’s need to understand their true spiritual abilities (including relationship to sound), and to understand how they can use their gifts to enjoy fulfilling lives. Disconnection from those gifts can actually lead to emotional stress and physical illness.

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