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What Do We Do, How Much

Here’s how it goes:

1. We’ll have a chat by phone… or email if preferred!

2. We’ll arrange our first 1-hr. complimentary face-to-face* meeting. I’ll give you an idea of the themes I pick up on at our first meeting, and give you some things to think about. I’ll let you know if mentoring is an efficient/appropriate route to pursue your needs/goals, and refer you to any other supporting resources.

3. Up to you!

**SESSION COSTS: $60/hr.  1-hr minimum   no GST/PST at this time

I highly encourage 3 visits to truly assess if mentoring is right for you.
There can be an initial sense of discomfort or fear at the beginning of any new relationship – it’s all quite normal!  I would hate though, for this to be a defining reason for inaction in your life. For that reason…

NEWCOMERS INCENTIVE: TWO  1-hr sessions for $100
Book session #2 and #3 at your complimentary first session and pay only $100 for both (payable at session #2).
Regular rates apply after that.

GROUPS: $50 ea. for 2; $40 ea. for 3 or more per hour.

STUDENTS:$30 for 45 min. session. Group of 3 or more: $25 ea. per hour
(post-secondary; registered or grad up to one year)

You are welcome to  gather your own group and I will facilitate!
Choosing a “theme” (e.g. loneliness) is generally most productive.


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~ Cash payment will be required at start of sessions.
~ Receipts will be issued.
~ Pre-payment by Pay-Pal can be arranged. (Click here)
~ Sessions that have started and are abandoned prior to the 1 hour allotted time will not be refunded.
~ No-shows may not be accepted back at the discretion of the mentor. Notice of cancellation would be appreciated 24 hrs in advance: please call with notice in any event.


  • I work effectively with both women and men; tweens to seniors
  • *I prefer to work in person; phone or Skype/Facetime sessions are also readily available with pre-payment (Paypal or interac e-transfer work best).
  • My clientele is most dominantly those transitioning through a career or significant life change (finding purpose/passions; family of origin issues; relationships/separation/divorce);
    My love is working with tweens/teens on self-esteem issues or perspective shifting, and young adults feeling “unsettled” after high school/university;
    Depression and related mood disorders (anxiety, stress) is an area I have particularly effective experience with (please note, I act as wellness support, and NOT as a treatment alternative; I can help to source primary treatment options)
  • I generally meet in the City Square (City Hall) area. Arrangements to meet in other parts of Vancouver or along skytrain route will be considered, as will health facilities. No home visits until a relationship has been firmly established.
  • Walking and talking is also an option!

  References available.

Come on, you KNOW it’s time


 **How did I choose my fee structure?
Man, if I could tally the cost on therapists, counselors, self-help books, meds, loss of income from “mental health days”, appointments and all those years underproducing …. aiy-yai-yaii!!

As I mentioned on a previous page, I believe strongly that there is a niche missing in the self-help world. This refers also to price-points for support services. Some thoughts re: my experiences:

My therapist is $185 per hour – this is quite the norm.  (5 visits is my yearly car insurance or a mortgage payment!)  In the past, when I’ve met my therapy goals, I’m often still totally interested in exploring more about “human behaviour” (i.e. me!), but at $185 – no. That’s when I wish I had someone who had a “senior” level of knowledge re: psychology, spirituality, consciousness to chat with. Someone I’d still learn from and who may learn from me.

I have seen postings for registered clinical counselors as low as $40 per hour… but good luck getting a timeslot! (They seem to be mostly men, too??)

Coaching starts generally around $80 per hour… you are usually asked to commit to a 6-12 month program and pay upfront for the prescribed plan – kind of like a gym membership. (To me, this option would be more for very specific goals and timelines.)

I am thrilled that Greater Vancouver Community Services offers counselors on a sliding scale from $40- $15 per hour with a maximum 10 sessions. My budget sent me here a few times; all but once I got a student. Every time, though, I spent at least the first four sessions giving my health and family history – FRUSTRATING (especially for a veteran client)!!!  Now I know this is useful info, but can I not just fill out a form on my own time? While there is value, during none of my terms using this service did I ever make significant headway on my “subject in question”. Psychotherapy aside, talking to someone with any advanced knowledge of human behaviour might very well have been enough for me.

So in a nutshell – TALK with an experienced mentor would have saved me THOUSANDS of dollars and YEARS of time figuring this all out.

Based on all of this, I wanted to ensure I offer excellent value for time.
And I KNOW I do.

BTW: If your therapist/counselor/coach/mentor
does not have a therapist/counselor/coach/mentor,
GET A DIFFERENT therapist/counselor/coach/mentor!!!

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