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What Is Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is casual but pointed communication FOCUSING ON YOU. 

Two may talk together
under the same roof
for many years,
yet never really meet;
and two others
at first speech
are old friends.”

— Mary Catherwood


 So… what can I tell you about mentoring:

Well, from “Mentoring 101”:

To be a good mentor, you need similar skills to those used in coaching, with one big difference – you must have experience relevant to the mentee’s situation. Mentoring is about transferring information, competence, and experience to mentees, so that they can make good use of this, and build their confidence accordingly. As a mentor, you are there to encourage, nurture, and provide support, because you’ve already “walked the path” of the mentee.

To be an effective mentor, you need to:

~ Have the desire to help – you should be willing to spend time helping someone else, and remain positive throughout.

~ Be motivated to continue developing and growing – your own development never stops. To help others develop, you must value your own growth too…

…there is a whole list of other skills, of course.

And, according to the “University of Susan” (me):
Mentors are self-proclaimed. A mentor’s education can come from many walks, but it’s wisdom and an ability to affect that must prevail.

What makes a Mentor good or not, is simply how they work for YOU:
do you feel safe, can you relate, is the support noticeable in your life.

Differing from therapy or coaching, I will share experiences and lessons from my own life, as is relative.  Our chat may take us into the past, stay firmly in the present, or focus on the future – no set path, but always a direction.

The intent is for you to lighten yourself from whatever is challenging your life or your spirit. Through meaningful talk we’ll nudge your life forward, perhaps by…

~ giving you a forum to say things out loud

~ challenging perspective

~ identifying limiting beliefs & negative behaviour patterns

~ a subtle (or not) butt-kicking to a more structured plan of action

~ a simple escape from loneliness.

Mentoring provides support and a sense of safety. Within a safe and trusting environment, you feel more free to express thoughts and feelings, confront personality traits and experiment with new perspectives or behavioral changes.

This is NOT a means of expanding your social circle. In fact, minimal emotional investment provides you freedom and drives success. Hopefully, you’ll feel like you have a true confidante – but you never have to reciprocate!

Okay… why choose Mentoring instead of therapy or coaching… Why

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