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Who Am I? What Do I Know??

Aug 16 038

I’m someone who just gets it.

I have an ideal blend of life experiences both privileged and hellish. I’ve made good choices and misdirected ones; I’ve had safe, comfortable naiveté and blindsided shocking reality; I’ve felt bliss… and I’ve felt all-consuming, hollow emptiness.

Great mentors are lifelong learners: both teacher and student.
– Deepak Chopra

Who am I: I am teacher, I am student: I have EARNED wisdom.  I am genuinely fulfilled by seeing others fluorish, and I am someone with the ability to help YOU get results.

I’ve formally and informally studied interpersonal communications, philosophy, behavioural psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and coaching technique for over twenty years: I have studied, observed and related to people from many angles, many stages of life and situations – more than clocked my 10,000 hours for any of you Outliers fans!

What I know for sure is…

Me & MalloryI consider my own life an excellent “case study” to understand general behavioural patterns: awareness, causes, consequences, and the trials of changing those that no longer served me.  I’ve had predictable as well as freaky happenings along my path, and with the assistance of therapists, counselors, coaches, friends and many courses, I’ve dissected and come to understand a lot of my personal journey – both when I’ve been troubled, or just curious.

This self-work provoked a continuing relationship with these professionals and consistent studying, reading and research to explore related elements of human behaviour and development; how things from genetics/body chemistry… to family/social/cultural influences… to how thoughts and brain physiology connect and affect us. Among this of course, is the unequivocal benefit of TALK!!

Not without fear and/or skepticism, I have finally come to just trust life and keep expectations flexible. This calmness makes me a good listener, and makes people feel safe.

My communication style adapts quite naturally to relate to kids, teens, seniors and multi-genders and multi-cultures. I’ve studied the classic philosophies and religious/spiritual theories and leaders, and have a healthy respect and understanding of how it all interrelates, and how personal choice is a key life tool.

You’ll sense and witness my lack of judgement – because there simply is none.

My experience is broad enough to recognize if someone would benefit more
from a therapist or other resource, and mentoring can be a perfect conduit to
ease into that plan.  Of course, mentoring is also a fabulous tool simultaneous with therapy or other forms of self-work, so you can further discuss your discoveries with someone enthusiastic – – and who understands!

So why not be a therapist or coach?

“I’ve researched and thought long and hard about

accrediting in clinical counseling or psychology.
I know, though, that there is a cross-section of people
either unwilling or unable to pursue traditional professional services
when they’re
at a crossroads in life, and therefore, stay stuck in silence .Find good wine!

I believe that my raw intuitiveness and learned life skills combined with my continuing studies offers enormous value; and there’s incentive for many by the mere fact that I am not a “mental health practitioner”, to become proactive in their lives. 

Therefore, for now,
I serve a better purpose.”

I also want to offer an alternate price-point for support services.

So… how much, what do we do… how much

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